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Gov. Walker to request $6M to expand, renovate State Fair’s Cream Puff Pavilion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker announced on Friday, January 6th that his upcoming state budget will include a Capital Budget Request for $6 million to expand and renovate the Cream Puff Pavilion at State Fair Park.

The expansion and renovation will create a new facility worthy of the Original Cream Puff’s stature. The facility will be used by the Wisconsin State Fair Park and the Wisconsin Baker’s Association. The expansion will allow for better visitor space inside the pavilion, additional areas for product lines on a year-round basis, and a new training center for bakery internships.

The governor stated the following in a news release:

“The Original Cream Puff is an iconic staple of the Wisconsin State Fair, and something people look forward to every year. The modernization of the Cream Puff Pavilion at State Fair Park is something Wisconsin families and visitors to our state will be able to enjoy for years to come.”

cream puffs

The Original Cream Puff bakery was last remodeled between the 1994 and 1995 fairs. At that time roughly 225,000 cream puffs were made by a staff of 75. Today, almost 50,000 cream puffs are served each day during the fair. In 2015, 400,000 cream puffs were made by a staff of 150-160 working three shifts. In addition to the Original Cream Puffs, Blue Ribbon Brownies, and Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies have been added to the menu.

State Fair Park Board Chairman John Yingling stated in a news release:

“The expansion and renovation of the Cream Puff Pavilion is a great next step for us as we continue to find ways to modernize the fair and ensure fairgoers have the best experience possible.”

The funding for the renovation will come entirely from private gifts. The project design and construction will be overseen by the State Building Commission and the Department of Administration. The project is expected to be completed in time for the 2019 State Fair.

The 2017 Wisconsin State Fair, presented by U.S. Cellular, will take place August 3 – August 13.

Wisconsin State Fair


  • Stu64

    We don’t have enough money for rebuilding our roads and Walker wants to spend our tax dollars on crème puffs??

    • Hard worker

      Yes. That’s what Wisconsin gets for electing a drooling idiot for Governor. Roads and infrastructure are crumbling. The state has a one billion dollar DOT budget deficit, corruption and corporatism are running amok. Walker’s answer was to cut funding for education. Wisconsin’s economy is in tatters relative to thriving states. The state is a third world tin pot dictatorship now. There’s a reason why so many people and businesses are fleeing the sinking ship of Wisconsin. It’s Walker!! You have no job, no education, no civil rights, no voting rights, and the global economy has left Wisconsin behind but hey, you’re gonna have a really nice cream puff pavilion. Enjoy!
      Melissa Sargent for Governor! Legalize it!!

      • James Hall

        I have a fantastic job here in poor old Wisconsin and easily make 6 figures with no degree. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………doesn’t quite fit your narrative now does it?

  • rosietheriveter

    The cream puffs are good, and they bring in a lot of money for the bakers assn. But surely the state has better things on which to spend $6MM! Who promised what to Scottie in exchange for this chunk of OUR money??

    • James Hall

      The funding for the renovation will come entirely from private gifts. Did you even read beyond the headline? Nope. Too busy hating someone for “being conservative”. Have a wonderful day!

  • wheresthebeef

    On this very page there’s a link to a November story in which Walker was complaining about the 700M state budget deficit! Where is this 6M cream puff subsidy supposed to come from?? (BTW, did Walker ever refund the state for the money spent on his failed presidential campaign? Last I heard, he still owed about 800K. Did we ever get all that money back?)

    • Hell in a Handbasket

      There you go again with half accusations. Did the democrats ever reimburse the state for pay, travel and per diem when they cowered in Illinois to avoid the Act 10 vote? As others posters said this money is from private gifts. Read the article and not the misleading headline.

      • Hard worker

        Stop living in the past. Walker is at the helm. Next you’ll be crying and blaming La Follette for Walker’s gross ineptitude and political negligence!

  • David Weber

    Before you roast the Wisconsin Bakers association and Cream puff operation,Please,Please , Read the artical it will be funded by private donations Since the State Fair is part of the State government it had to be approved by the legislation and Governor. The Bakery has been lucrative since it was built and has brought in Millions of dollars to the fair over the years .

    • MFC

      I agree, this is a puff piece for Walker, it puffs his budget and puffs his ego too. Why should a remodel financed by private interests be included in the budget? All it does is puff up the budget, and then he can cut elsewhere! Puns intended.

  • Aimee Shaw

    Limit the ability for poor people to buy foods with sugar in them with food stamps, when they are not being forced to take pee tests to keep those food stamps. Then spend 6 million on cream puffs. Seems legit.

  • Kim Schmitt

    If he hadn’t ended the Wisconsin Covenant for HS college-bound seniors or cut back funding to the University of Wisconsin colleges, this story wouldn’t have made me throw up.

    • Hard worker

      From the Koch Brothers? Kwik Trip or Menards? There’s a reaon why thousands are fleeing the state and why there is a billion dollar budget deficit, why education has been slashed, why the roads and infrastructure are crumbling. It’s Walker! But hey, you supposedly have a job with no degree so all those realities melt away. Like a creme puff in the sun…enjoy the dark ages in Wisconsin. The modern world and global economy have left Wisconsin far behind!

  • Hard worker

    @James Hall, unsubstantiated claims and cherry picking do not change reality. Wisconsin is a sinking ship. Enjoy the cream puffs!

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