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4 restaurants in Wauwatosa are cooking up something very special

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WAUWATOSA -- Four restaurants in Wauwatosa are cooking up something very special. It's the Tour de Tosa -- and Julie Collins has a preview.

About Tour de Tosa (Facebook Page)

Four European restaurants in the heart of the Tosa Village have banded together to create an evening unlike any you've ever experienced. Take a tour of Cafe Hollander - Tosa Village, Le Rêve Patisserie & Café,Ristorante Bartolotta, and Cafe Bavaria.

Walk just a few steps to each of our restaurants for a tasting menu highlighting each country's unique culinary heritage. From the canals of Amsterdam and the vineyards of Tuscany, to the bier halls of Munich and the street cafés of Paris, you'll be transported by taste in this European epicurian adventure.

At each location, you'll enjoy two tasting items paired with one drink (see full menu below) and you'll be free to move one to the next location whenever you have finished your tastings.

Please Note: Tickets are only available online until January 23, 2017 and will not be available for purchase on site on the day of the event. We encourage you not to wait too long if you are interested, as we are anticipating that this event will sell out quickly!

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