“Guess we’re a good target:” Burglaries in Shorewood a seemingly growing problem; stats tell a different story

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SHOREWOOD -- Police in Shorewood are reminding residents to keep their doors locked and their valuables out of sight. This, after a string of burglaries all over the village. It's a seemingly growing problem, but statistics tell a different story.

"'I guess we`re a good target here in Shorewood!" Carol, a Shorewood resident who did not want to share her last name said.

In a month's time, Shorewood police reported more than a half-dozen burglaries. Investigators said unoccupied homes have been the target.

Shorewood burglaries

Gretchen Mead said she's heard about so many crimes, she's keeping an eye on the street and changing her habits.

"I`ve just really been trying to lock doors and keep all valuables that are easy to steal hidden," Mead said.

A few months ago, she was almost a victim.

"I had somebody in the house and my guest scared them off. This was in the middle of the night," Mead said.



Shorewood police are spreading the word in an effort to prevent further incidents, while also pointing to statistics.

"If you look at the historical trends from the last 10 years, they are considerably down," Lt. Thomas Liebenthal with the Shorewood Police Department said.



Thomas Liebenthal

Thomas Liebenthal

At a community presentation on Tuesday night, January 17th, Lt. Liebenthal said compared to two years ago, burglaries are down 30 percent. Motor vehicle thefts, however, are up 53 percent.

"Some of the homes that were hit were showing signs they were not being occupied at the time the burglary was taking place," Lt. Liebenthal said.

Liebenthal said many of the crimes occurring in Shorewood are committed by the same suspects. It's a good idea to look out for your neighbors.

"'There are quite a few people, especially on my block where we watch out for each other," Carol said.

Shorewood crime meeting

Shorewood police said they haven't made any arrests in connection with the recent burglaries. However, they said they believe the crimes are being committed by the same group of people.

As for the spike in car thefts, Lt. Liebenthal said 38 percent of these crimes involve the vehicle's owner leaving the keys inside.



  • Opinion8d

    I like how the owner is to blame for the rise in car thefts -for leaving the keys in it. How about targeting bad people (we know who) who are committing crimes. Are they going to let them off with ‘entrapment’?? It’s called living in a safe neighborhood -something everyone should be able to enjoy.

  • Hell in a Handbasket

    You guess you’re a good target? The entire county and surrounding communities are all target rich environments. Crime does not stop at the Milwaukee border.

  • p s (@jiggrinder)

    Any one in driving distance of Milwaukee is in the cross hairs,wait until they start drug testing welfare recipients(yes this is coming in the next months,Walker’s state of the state) the crime rate will go way up,protect yourself any way you can !!!

  • Metal Maniac

    I love that last picture, you can tell they are just a bunch of old ruthless liberals. No common sense between the lot. Want to be safe? Protect yourself. Don’t go to some community round up and expect the police to provide private security. Police are reactive not proactive.

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