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Much-needed joint effort: FOX6’s Ted Perry discusses bill to legalize medical marijuana, circulating in Wisconsin

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MADISON — Democrats in the Wisconsin Legislature are circulating a bill to legalize medical marijuana.

The proposal by state Sen. Jon Erpenbach and Rep. Chris Taylor comes after Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he would be open to the idea. Republicans have typically been against any attempts to legalize marijuana.

Is it time for medical marijuana to be legalized in Wisconsin? FOX6’s Ted Perry reflects on that question Tuesday, January 17th.



  • whatcanisay

    Heck yes! Let’s get this going. Imagine the tax revenue the state could receive. Colorado makes millions from their legalized marijuana sales, why shouldn’t Wisconsin? I can’t believe the legi$lature would pa$$ up all that money. If you don’t “approve of” marijuana, don’t buy any!

    • justsayin

      Tax revenues are irrelevant. Its hard enough to find good employees without drug, alcohol, or crime issues. Being a pothead should not be lrgal. The article was not about public use, but medical use. Its quite different.

      • Libsareliars

        Just what we need more pot heads working on assembly lines and manufacturing. Watch the accident rates go up and the quality of manufactured parts go down.


    Twenty four hours ago I would have been against this. But that’s because I was totally ignorant of the true benefits medical marijuana really has. Here’s what I learned only yesterday: I have a 52 year old cousin in another state. She is currently battling her 3rd round of breast cancer. She had a shunt put in her shoulder and one in her stomach into which chemo is pumped. She’s been getting chemo since November, and must spend the night in the hospital when she gets it. She went in for another round yesterday and I talked to her this morning. I asked her if she gets really sick from the chemo and she said yes, it was awful. However, her doctor said she wanted her to try medical marijuana. My cousin doesn’t live in Wisconsin. She lives in Illinois. Her doctor put in an “order” for medical marijuana two weeks ago, but to get it cleared in Illinois takes two months! My cousin was telling this to a friend of hers and somehow someone got some pot to her. She “ate” some in the hospital yesterday afternoon, and she said within two hours her nausea was entirely gone, and for the first time in a week she felt like eating a good supper. She said she was surprised and amazed. She told me she had never tried pot before in her life, and so she was not convinced it would work, but she was so happy it did. I don’t think pot should be available without a doctor’s prescription. I don’t think it should be legal for someone who just wants to get high, but if it helps cancer victims with the pain of chemo, then I have no problem with it being prescribed by a doctor.

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