“We were blown away:” Massive icicle falls through ceiling in Montana woman’s home

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BILLINGS, Montana — It’s not unusual to be leery of over-sized icicles when you’re outside — but you shouldn’t have to worry when you’re inside your home!

Carol Schell said it was a normal evening. She was watching TV and doing laundry in her home in Billings, Montana, when she heard a big crash!

After looking around and finding nothing amiss, Schell brushed it off and started putting away her laundry. It was in her closet where she would discover the source of the mystery sound.

“I kinda go in and something drips on me and I’m like ‘ew’ and I look up and here’s this icicle hanging out of the closet!” Schell said.

So where did it come from?

Schell learned her furnace exhaust pipe had come loose after having her roof repaired in the summer. The pipe was spraying steam, freezing just as fast as it was dripping from the trusses.

“The big piece, when they brought that down, we were blown away. I mean, I just…that scared me, because had that come through that would have been huge,” Schell said.

Schell said after the mishap, she recommends everyone get in the attic and check things out every once in awhile.

“Who ever thought it’d be lucky to have an ice cube fall through your ceiling, but I guess it’s lucky in the fact that the other option is I could be sitting here in the summer time and have a whole house full of mold,” Schell said.

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