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Wisconsin Democrats propose legalizing medical marijuana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON —  Democrats in the Wisconsin Legislature are circulating a bill to legalize medical marijuana.

The proposal by state Sen. Jon Erpenbach and Rep. Chris Taylor comes after Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he would be open to the idea. Republicans have typically been against any attempts to legalize marijuana.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he is against medical marijuana. And Gov. Scott Walker also says he opposes it.

But Erpenbach and Taylor are looking for co-sponsors with a deadline of Jan. 26. They say in their letter seeking supporters that the public supports such a move to help those who are suffering with debilitating illness.

It would be up to Republicans who control both the Senate and Assembly on whether to hold a hearing on the measure.


  • K

    I feel that it does more good than harm. It benefits many that have verious different diagnosises. Anything from cancers to mental health issues.

  • Rob

    The problem is that it ends up being used for non-medicinal purposes under the guise of “medical” marijuana. I’m for looking at it, but there better be some strict and enforced laws when it isn’t being used for true medical purposes.

    • Harry

      No it doesn’t. I have lived with it for 19 years in WA State. Now it’s fully legal as it should be. WI is profoundly behind the times and very ignorant on this issue.

    • cheeze n rice

      “Non-medicinal purposes”… do you mean putting smiles on peoples faces? oh, the horror! it seems the whole world could use a little. it should be legal to grow and use in any fashion. the reason it isnt? big pharma go bye-bye. from hemp to CBD oil, it is one of the most versatile plants on this earth. if you have just about ANY health issue, this plant can help you in some way shape or form, for pennies on the dollar. it does however, carry one big side effect…:)

  • Katy

    Sadly the Republican dinosaurs are stuck in the Dark Ages on this issue, to the detriment of all Wisconsinites but especially the sick and suffering. It’s best to just leave the state.

    • grunt

      Let’s start with you, Katy.
      Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.
      Go to Canada, hug a puppy, play with some play-doh.

      • CK

        I imagine this comment read in the voice of Dale Gribble. It’s something an ignorant and silly person would say. You sir, are a treasure.

      • Cliff

        There’s no reason for that response, I voted for walker and I don’t live at home with my parents I have a job and I smoke pot for pain and sleep. Why should I have to take pills that a doctor hands out like candy that does more harm than good look at the side effects

      • Harry

        Yes conservatives should be for this. It’s fundamentally a states’ rights issue, a personal freedom and responsibility issue vs more big government nanny state intrusion. Ending the failure of prohibition is also embracing the free market vs the black market, all of these are bedrock conservative principles yet the republicans reject them.

  • Harry

    I grew up in Wisconsin but left as soon as I could because of the state’s draconian cannabis laws. We legalized medical cannabis in 1998 in beautiful Washington State, 19 years ago! The sky has not fallen yet. In fact Seattle is an awesome, thriving boomtown with a fantastic business environment and laws that truly value personal liberty and responsibilty vs the big government nanny state Republicans in Wisconsin love. Oh yeah, the violent crime rate is -75% lower than the rotten cesspool Milwaukee. Legalize it already Wisconsin. You need to catch up to the modern world already.

  • Justin Escher Alpert

    Republicans and Conservatives should be for this also. Federalism dictates that innovation should happen at the state level. Folks already exercise the personal liberty; might as well provide safe access. Could even take a Genesis 1:11-12 approach in respecting God’s seed-bearing herb. If Republicans and Democrats can find common ground over joint American principles of “Liberty and Justice For All,” then there is great hope for the Republic.

    • Harry

      Yes conservatives should be for this. It’s fundamentally a states’ rights issue, a personal freedom and responsibility issue vs more big government nanny state intrusion. Ending the failure of prohibition is also embracing the free market vs the black market, all of these are bedrock conservative principles yet the republicans reject them.

  • Chrisco

    We have an serious problem with opioids and he is a very real alternative to those. One you die if you OD or one that if you consume to much will make you nauseous and just need a bath to make it go away. The problem with US studies is they get the plants from 3 places and all use the same cloned plant. That plant is 20 plus years old and does not take into account modern cross breeding and genetics. For real studies, you have to look to Europe. They can use modern strains that take into account cross breeding and genetics. Their studies are the complete opposite of studies from the U.S.

    • Sara

      I’m not sure if you are trying to say marijuana is an opioid, but if you are you should look into that research. Opioids are like Vicodin and such that these dr pump into our bbodies to relieve pain. They do way more harm than good. Marijuana is not actually an opioid and actually encourages your body to heal. I have epilepsy so i have done plenty of research. The meds I am allowed to use right now actually can cause more problems such as liver disease. Pumping chemicals into our bodies isn’t doing any good, but things such as cannabis oil is natural and actually controls seizures.

  • Ihateignorantpeople

    I am a Republican and i think this should have been legalized fully a long time ago. Legalizing it would create jobs and revenue for this state. god knows this state needs the money.

  • Michele Bushor

    I am in favor of legalized marijuana. I am a fibromyalgia sufferer and can’t use conventional drugsdue to allergies and side effects. Marijuana is said to help with pain. I want to try it (legally only).

    • cheeze n rice

      CBD oil is legal in all 50 states…for now. you can order at anandaapothecary dot com.
      i would hurry though. the DEA just re-classified CBD oil as a schedule 1 drug which means (in their eyes) it has NO medicinal value AND is highly addictive. on the same tier as heroin, LSD, and meth. CBD does NOT get you high, which begs the question, why ban it? its effective for pain, depression, anxiety, seizures, drug addiction, etc.

  • Brandon

    It is 100% safer than alcohol.
    It only became illegal to benefit big pharmacies.
    This world is all backwards.

  • Mary Jane

    I am in favor of making the legalization of medical marijuana first priority, and legalization of recreational marijuana could come later. I have been acquainted with a couple of people who used marijuana for medicinal purposes when other medicines were not alleviating their symptoms. Their quality of life was greatly increased with marijuana use.

  • Joshua Gonzales

    We need to stop the crap and make it legal for medical use. I would benefit from it. Would love to get rid of the opioids.

  • revrend Jesse Jackson


  • polobotomy

    This world would be a much better place if everyone opposed to this were anally raped and then slowely killed. Imho : )

  • Just the Facts

    How can centuries of successful medical marijuana use be overlooked when our society is being prescribed opiates that are not only additive but deadly.
    Our Government needs to look beyond the Reefer Madness myths and accept reality, it is beneficial as well as controllable.
    Alcohol use / abuse is a greater issue both physically and socially than marijuana…FACT.
    Also consider the tax benefits for improve are deteriorating schools and roads!!

  • Nate tha great

    If they legalized cannabis or any other drug then people would start thinking for themselves and they might even question the system that has held them down for so long. This would be dangerous because the politicians have our best interests in mind and they should tell us all what to do. Besides they can always build more prisons to hold all the non-white people who use drugs. People in Wisconsin should just stick to being alcoholics and complain about their local politics or else they might need to start taking responsibility for their lives.

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