Bobcat attacks 3 women eating lunch in Connecticut

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Colchester, CT — Three women were attacked by a bobcat while having lunch near a greenhouse in Colchester on Tuesday morning.

The incident happened at a greenhouse on Waterhole Road around 11:45 a.m.

According to authorities, about 20 people were having lunch on the property of The Caring Community, which the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said is a social service provider of residential and day programs,

There was blood on the animal’s face and it appeared to be injured, according to authorities.

The bobcat jumped on one of the women and the two others were scratched while trying to help her, according to DEEP officials.

Authorities said the unidentified women were transported to the Marlborough Medical Center for evaluation and treatment, DEEP officials said. All three were also checked for rabies.

After the attack, DEEP and Environmental Conservation Police responded to the greenhouse as the bobcat was heading to the woods. The animal got into an aggressive attack stance and that’s when an officer shot and killed the bobcat.

The bobcat was taken to the Connecticut Department of Public Health lab, so the animal could be tested for rabies.

DEEP officials said it is “rare for bobcats to attack humans – and most often rabies is the cause of that.”

Due to the incident, East Hampton Public Schools Superintendent Paul K. Smith said they are making sure that students are safe and “bus drop-offs in that area will be closer to student homes.”

Danicee Butcka has lived next to The Caring Community of Connecticut for the last 23 years, and with a lot of woods nearby, it’s not uncommon to see wild animals.

“We’ve seen bobcats in our backyard and then crossing down the street,” Butcka said. “It’s scary to think something like that can happen in broad daylight.”

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