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“Completely unprofessional:” Milwaukee man claims Sheriff Clarke harassed him on flight

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is defending himself after an incident with a passenger at General Mitchell International Airport. A Milwaukee man filed a complaint with the county claiming he was harassed by Sheriff Clarke following a flight home from Dallas on Sunday, January 15th.dallas

The 24-year-old Milwaukee man involved in the incident said he and Sheriff Clarke only exchanged a few words with each other before their encounter took a turn.

Sheriff Clarke said what happened was in his legal authority. The Milwaukee man called Clarke's response to the incident "unprofessional."

Snapchat video shows 24-year-old Dan Black being escorted out of Mitchell Airport by deputies following the flight.

Dan Black Snapchat video

Dan Black Snapchat video

"I Snapchatted the part of me being escorted out because I knew people would be like, 'you are making this up,'" said Black.

In the complaint Black filed with the county, he alleges he saw Clarke dressed in Dallas Cowboys gear while on the flight.

"Foolishly I asked him, 'Are you Sheriff Clarke?' He responded 'yes,' so I shook my head a little bit. From behind I hear 'you have a problem?' I shook my head again and I kept moving," said Black.clarke

But that wasn't the end of it.

Once the plane arrived, Black claims six uniformed deputies, Sheriff Clarke and two bomb/drug dogs were waiting for him, and he was interrogated.

"They asked me why I was in Dallas, what my views of Sheriff Clarke are. What I said to him. What remarks I made to him," Black said.

Dan Black

Dan Black

Black said the incident intimidated him, but he was not going to let it go unreported. He said it left him feeling like "a victim of the sheriff's abuse of power."

On Wednesday, January 18th, Sheriff Clarke responded to the allegations by posting a copy of the complaint on his Facebook page with the following statement:

"Next time he or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get knocked out. The sheriff said he does not have to wait for some goof to assault him. He reserves the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault."

The response left Black with more questions than answers.

"It's just completely unprofessional," said Black. "Why wasn't I escorted off the plane in Dallas, if he was really threatened? Why didn't security talk to me? Why did we wait two hours for him to confront me?"airport

Black had no comment when asked if he was planning to hire a lawyer. He said he posted this incident to Facebook because he wanted to inform his immediate community. He said he never expected the media attention that has followed.

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    • Bryan

      Sounds like Clark and you guys are the snowflakes here. Do you really think Clark and you have a right not to be offended? You’re just as bad or worse than annoying liberal college kids crying about how offended they are about everything.

  • Yup

    I’m sure it happened just like this “victim” said. C’mon. You can tell he started something he couldn’t finish. His bulldog mouth overloaded his puppy dog a$$. He’s crying about being put in his place now.

    • Peanut

      to clarify, i understand and respect that, given the political climate, sheriff clarke would want to be on the safe side but the response to the complaint is a bit over the top.

  • Ste Mach

    Seems like Dan did have a problem. The fact that he approached the sheriff at random and asked for his name would weird anyone out! Perfect example of a liberal who thinks they are above the law simply because they have a pulse.. Go cry to your momma Dan. FYI the police have every right to detain anyone for questioning, no laws were broken and no this is not abuse of power. Words were exchanged behind closed doors, WOW !

  • Opinion8d

    I’m guessing there was more to it then just asking if the guy was David Clarke! I love the ‘tough guys’ that think that public figures in private setting are somehow open to harassment! If I see someone I hate, I wouldn’t speak to them. What did it matter if it was the Sheriff or not?? Given all the threats the the Sheriff has had to deal with, it’s totally understandable. Be a man and suck it up you snowflake who is looking for a payout because you’re a ‘tough guy’…..

  • Hell in a Handbasket

    So the 24 year old “snowflake” decides to snap chat,facebook instagram this “as he is being escorted off the plane???? Why didn’t you Face chat, snap book and whatever ever else you snow flakes do at the beginning? MORE FAKE NEWS FROM A HIRED PROTESTER BROUGHT TO YOU BY CNN6. I hear your mommy calling you for dinner “Dan, your pizza rolls and XBOX are ready”! Countdown to moderation from CNN 6 starts now…..

  • Count Cristo

    Clarke is a class act. If he felt that something was a threat do to his high profile from someone walking thru 1st class, it’s called SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. You don’t know who this person is or his agenda. He should have said, “its a pleasure to meet you sir.” and that would have lowered the scrutiny. Don’t forget the intolerant married husband and husband that accosted Ivanka. Now that he has filed a complaint it verifies his liberal snowflake liberal millennial agenda. Just sayin.

    • Metal Maniac

      I agree but the key here is that they flew the entire plane ride and THEN Clarke decided to investigate this guy. If he felt threatened he should have told the airline staff so they could remove the man from the plane. I personally would not want to be 10,000 feet in the air with someone who is a “threat.”

  • Gary Hamilton

    Sheriff Clarke is a good man. He shouldn’t have to deal with goof balls like Dan. Get out of here with your whining Dan, and suck it up. You ask who the sheriff is and shake your head, the sheriff was taking precautions you idiot!

  • Wow

    To get the reaction he didn’t from the Sheriff, I’m sure the response was justified. I don’t think the Sheriff was looking to have an altercation. Unfortunately too many people think they can get away with verbally mistreating people with stature. This guy found out he could not.

  • phacepalm

    Dan Black is too much of a wussy to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Mr. Clarke. Go cry in Korea fool.

  • mark estus

    Are you Sheriff Clarke , yes I am Sheriff Clarke. Ok cool I thought that was you , just curious have a good flight OR Hi my name is so and so I dont agree with a lot of your views but its a pleasure to meet you OR the Cowboys were this close what a shame. NOPE , Im going to shake my head in disgust and walk away. Welp , in todays world lets make sure what your agenda is,lmao got what he deserved.

  • Kay Eddy

    Clark is smart not to make a statement that the liberal press can misconstrue. To give this any attention would only invite more idiots to create a scene to get their shot in the liberal spotlight.

  • Master Moto

    More to this story than meets the eye. Black seems the type that takes offense at authority figures and shows contempt and then makes complaints to get attention. Just chose the wrong person this time.

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