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“He needs to apologize:” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke under fire after abuse of power claim

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MILWAUKEE -- A growing number of voices are calling on Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to apologize. This all stems from Clarke's confrontation with a passenger after a flight to Milwaukee earlier this week. Part of the controversy involves a meme the sheriff posted to Facebook. Some people see it as a threat.

"Most cops, most deputies, most law enforcement officers don't pull stunts like this," said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

The meme on the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Facebook page is generating hundreds of comments -- many disturbed by what's written.

The man in the hat is Dan Black.

"Foolishly I asked him, 'are you Sheriff Clarke?' He responded 'yes,' so I shook my head a little bit. From behind I hear 'you have a problem?' I shook my head again and I kept moving," said Black.

Black says he approached the sheriff on Sunday, on a flight from Dallas to Milwaukee. Clarke was allegedly wearing Dallas Cowboys gear, and Black says he simply shook his head at the sheriff. When the plane landed in Milwaukee, Black says he was met by six deputies and two K-9s. On Facebook, Clarke says he preempted a possible assault.

"I've already apologized to Dan Black on behalf of the county," said Abele.

Chris Abele

Chris Abele

County Executive Chris Abele says Clarke crossed a line by asking deputies to confront Black, and says Clarke crossed that line again with his latest online response.

When FOX6 News wrote to Clarke, asking for comments on a press conference held by Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump, calling him out for alleged abuse of power.

"He needs to apologize, absolutely," said Maricela Aguilar Monroy, co-chair of the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump.

After our request, that's when the sheriff posted the meme and a response to the coalition's planned protest, calling it a juvenile, leftist, anti-cop tantrum. The post went on to read, "FOX6 continues to be snookered into fake news. Milwaukee deserves better."

"And a threat! Don't do it again or maybe I'll knock you out. I mean, it's just juvenile," said Abele.

Abele says the airport incident was a waste of taxpayer dollars. He says the only way to truly make a stand against Clarke, is to vote him out of office.

"We can do better. We deserve better. You do deserve better. We can do better than this," said Abele.

An attorney representing Dan Black has reached out with a statement reading:

I represent Dan Black, who is being harassed by Sheriff David Clarke. My statement is below.

Citizens should be able to complain about public officials without fear of retaliation. Sheriff Clarke's statements are coldly calculated to intimidate Mr. Black with physical violence for engaging in Constitutionally protected activity. Law enforcement simply do not have license to beat up citizens for whatever perceived slight. Mr. Black will preemptively stop Sheriff Clarke's attacks with the full force of the legal system. In addition to protecting Mr. Black’s rights, we will work to ensure that Mr. Black is safe from the dangers caused by Sheriff Clarke’s promotion of violence.

Best Regards,

William F. Sulton, Esq.

Meantime, the "Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump" is speaking out against Clarke's comments. The group is demanding that he apologize.

The group's leaders said they'll be in downtown Milwaukee on Friday, January 20th, to protest the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.


Sheriff Clarke

The group feels Sheriff Clarke crossed a line.

"He has to go out there and verbalize that he is here to protect the people of Milwaukee. To threaten somebody he was sworn to protect doesn't make sense in any way," said Aguilar Monroy.

The sheriff has been out of Milwaukee this week, he's in Washington, D.C. attending President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.


  • Chattipatti

    they need to worry more about the kids that are committing crimes, its very strange the what they choose to want. Has any of the business that were burned down opened back up?

  • liberty

    I am sure you don’t have all the facts, but that never stopped the news before, has it! Should have talked to someone on the plane. I have had enough smart ass remarks made to me about nothing really. Just trying to make you look like a stodge to get a reaction and don’t stop until they do. Well he succeeded in getting the reaction he was looking for.

  • Jennie

    I keep watching the election night rerun watching the Hillary supporters at the Kravits center losing their minds. I also won’t forget about the girl that was cornered and pelted with eggs by intolerant liberals. This is the reason Trump was elected president, to erase the liberal agenda. Enjoy!

    • Kathy

      Jennie….. You got that right friend!! I do the same thing. I like to end my day watching them and their hysterics. Feels so good!!!!

  • RSSR

    Fad Blavk. You are not only a Sissy but your an idiot. Millunials. I weep for the future. You Politically Correct????? Fool.

  • Anita

    Really? “Completely unprofessional:” Milwaukee man claims Sheriff Clarke harassed him on flight?’
    Or was it the other way around? Sheriff Clarke is one of the best black Sherriff’s in the country, and I for one am thankful that Milwaukee is lucky to have him. The problem arises because there has been a weed of anti-police planted which it is growing insanely all around this country. Sadly these newly taught socialists don’t have or show any respect for law and order. We wouldn’t even need as many law-enforcement officers if men/women had an honest loving heart and did what was right instead of acting like spoiled brats and demanding to have everything their way.

  • Hell in a Handbasket

    I’m from the planet of California, drive a Prius with numerous bumper stickers including Coexist, Tolerance, Gore/Lieberman and my union dues are paid for another year.

  • Libsareliars

    Hey Robert go grab your crayons and coloring book and lock yourself in your room. You crybaby liberals are getting sickening to listen to.

  • polymorph

    These “people” are a joke, did anyone check that web site, heads would be rolling if that was against snobama. They are lunatics.

  • Haters paradise

    Sheriff Clarke needs to worry about being sheriff of Milwaukee (which is a busy job thanks to all the hood rats), not apologizing to snowflakes.

  • Opinion8d

    I’m so sick of the people like this….he wants to be a ‘tough guy’ and lip off yet thinks there shouldn’t be repercussions. What’s that old saying….if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything! I’m sure this guy would be the one in a cops face ‘protesting’ calling them every name in the book and then calling 911 when he’s a ‘victim’. And yes, Mr. Attorney – your client will face a backlash for being a douche -all his own doing!!

  • deletedagain

    Why would The Coalition Against Trump be included in this article? Why not include the views of the Republican Party? .I guess we know where Fox 6 stands. Indict and convict Clinton should be on the banner.

  • Anita

    My exact thoughts were, what business is it of his whether or not Sheriff Clark wears a cowboy hat?
    Who is he to question what Sheriff Clark chooses wears…lol….
    There is growing concern about the disrespectful children that are being pumped out into society form the government institutions….disrespectful to their elders, disrespectful towards their parents and disrespectful to the laws.
    Yes American we have brought forth a spoiled, selfish and disrespectful ungodly bunch of brats. Congratulations.

  • Huh !

    Abele, the You Can Pay More for Less, county executive, apologized …. WHY, Was he there ???
    He hasn’t apologized to the people of Milwaukee for laughing about snow ramps or wanting a high wheel tax, or (the list goes on ) ……all because Sheriff Clark (not being a psychic) had a man delayed after a strange encounter on an airplane…..not knowing this mans state of mind, Sheriff Clark acted on the side of caution. This is something I feel was reasonable in the present national Anti-Cop environment and the Anti-Clarke attitude by local officials !
    I happen to appreciate the man a lot more than the local politicians that supposedly represent us !!!

  • Orangemessiah

    So who paid David Clarke for his racists now flake comment and threats of violence to the general public ? Clarke is basically a paid provacateur himself and a big tall dumb azz

  • liberal millennial fail

    Clarke is awesome. This liberal should have enjoyed the awakening from the sheriff. It’s called respect. These snowflakes attitudes are the result of years of anti-male commercials seen on TV by these kids when their young, The feminists have indoctrinated them to look stupid. Rise up males and be like the ones that stormed Normandy!

  • Black should grow up and be an adult, not a whiny jerk

    Sheriff Clarke had every right to have him detained. Dan Black decided to try and be a jerk to him. Not knowing anything about this guy, but clearly being recognized by this stranger, who then tried to make a gesture of not approving of him.. How do you know what he has planned? Black was clearly just trying to be a jerk and is now upset because his actions got him the attention he wanted, just not in the way he wanted it. Now he just wants a pay-day because he got scolded in return. Grow up, treat others how you want to be treated. Live in society, not in some little world all your own where you can treat everyone else like crap and feel that there will never be consequences for your actions. #StandWithClarke

  • Hell in a Handbasket

    So Sherriff Clarke specifically mentioned CNN 6 as reporting this nonsense, so did 4, 12 and 58 not report this? If that’s the case it’s REALLY FAKE NEWS.

  • liberal millennial fail

    File an ASRS that way no one will know what a clown statement you made. He did not endanger the flight. Clarke would have informed you as the pilot in command of any incidents per his duty and the passenger most likely would have the weight of the every Federal agency on top of him, instead he received little liberal spanking. In reality, LE assessed the sit and did you a favor not to disrupt your pax and your flight.

  • Hell in a Handbasket

    So you believe this claim without any credible proof? Black admitted he didn’t start to snapchat this until being escorted off the plane. If this in fact was inappropriate behavior of the Sheriff why wasn’t’ the whole situation recored by Black or another passenger? Get off your high pilot horse.

  • Hobbs

    We do deserve better than chris abele…oh yes we do. Maybe if you were as tough on matters as clarke was, chris, you wouldn’t have a crime ridden city.

  • mark

    I an sure that this is more of the FAKE HATE news that leftists love to spew. Go sheriff Clark, don’t let this and other whining babies keep trying to get their 15 minutes of fame (??) at your expense. Good luck on your trip to Washington.

  • Metal Maniac

    Fox6 is totally fake news, most of these posts are about viral videos…. or “you won’t believe what this lady received as a tip.” This is basically Facebook, anyone know other Milwaukee news sites that are free?

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