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“Vocalize our resistance:” Inauguration protest held in downtown Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Hundreds gathered in Milwaukee's Red Arrow Park to voice their outrage after Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States on Friday, January 20th. A march through downtown yelled words of support for the president and asked for unity under his leadership.


"We want to vocalize our resistance against the Trump agenda. We are fully within our constitutional rights to do that," said Maricela Aguilar Monroy, Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump. "The number of people out here shows how important people find this moment right now."

Hundreds gathered to protest with signs, buckets and chants. Those with the group, "Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump," led the demonstration several miles through the downtown area.

The march caught several people by surprise.

"I did not expect this at all," said Ben Marquerdt, Trump supporter. trump-protest

"We were in our dorm and we saw a lot of people here and we were just curious and wanted to check it out," said a Marquette University student. protest2

At times, the chants went from Mr. Trump to one of his biggest supporters, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Also voicing their thoughts along the way were supporters for the president.

"To me this is a waste of time. They're out here yelling, 'democracy, democracy!' All people should be worrying about is making the country better," said a Trump supporter.

"They should unite, not do this. They should unite with our president, we have a new president. We need to unite with the president," said a Trump supporter.

FOX6 New followed the march every step of the way and didn't see any incidents. Officials with Milwaukee police say they are monitoring demonstrations to ensure public safety. protest4


  • Tom

    It is the job of the media to report the news, not make it. By giving these people the free advertising, that’s exactly what you are doing; making news instead of reporting it. It is fine to protest, but why should the media help them spread the word?

    • Robert Matthews

      Are you afraid someone might see you behaving foolishly on television? Why shouldn’t the world see that liberals are like children whining and crying and breaking things when they don’t get their way?

      • babette372012

        There was no breaking of things. It was a very peaceful protest which is an honored tradition in our democracy. Don’t you know your history? We as a nation wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for colonial protesters against England. A lot of our anti-slavery laws, worker’s rights laws, voting rights all began with protests. The protesters vocally and with signs and banners expressed their concerns and their alternative vision for America. And they did it peacefully.

  • Jenny Z

    It is not going to change anything, but go ahead and waste your time instead of doing something productive with your life.

  • mark

    why 100 days? Is there a significance to that number regarding something? and what are the odds these clowns are still out there even by next week? Furthermore….. when you say ‘NOT MY President!’ do you honestly think that carries any weight at all with the rest of the population? You do realize you’re free to go and live under another country’s rules, right? Hell, you can even join Cher on Jupiter…. if she did indeed keep her word about moving there if Trump were elected. *guesses she’s sitting on her ass in her Malibu home holding up a mirror*

  • Robert Matthews

    These people will make a fuss and whine and cry and break things for 100 days and Trump will still be president and the House of Representatives will still be controlled by Republicans and the Senate will still be controlled by Republicans and the president will advance his agenda and the world will see how foolish these liberals are.

  • Hell in a Handbasket

    I admire these “paid professional protestors”. The more they protest the more “RED” this country becomes. BLM, Occupy whatever and now this stuff. CNN6 keep giving them free advertising and this country will become more RED and your jobs more irrelevant.

    • Requesting accountability

      Good point. Protesting only continues to divide and actually recruit more to the right. The behaviour of those at inauguration that destroyed property only reinforces repugnant behavior of those that wish to destroy as a so called protest. Of those arrested would like to know their criminal records. Just a hunch.

      • glacier1

        You two hit the nail on the head! I’m and independent voter thats leaned more and more right in recent years. After seeing all the riots around the country for the past 18 months I have practically disassociated myself with the left side on all issues, and I know I don’t stand alone. All I see from this is a diminishing liberal voter base. And here is something else to think about. With all this disfunction from within the left, they face the real possibility of giving the Republicans a congressional supermajority after the 2018 mid terms. 33 senate seats are up for grabs, currently 25 are held by Democrats. If the left looses big, they would not be able to stop or even delay ANYTHING in congress for at least the next 2 years. The right would be free to do whatever they want. That could set back the left agenda for an entire generation, (20+ years)


  • Requesting accountability

    Please stop. Give the system a chance. In the meantime you might want to consider other commentators a thought; get a job, if you are a felon change your behavior, get an education, if you have an education how can you more positively direct your behaviour. Am bemused by our academic elite. Get a real life. Sorry just an old person that loved academia but realized it was not the REAL world.

  • lovin2017sofar

    why does the chick with the megaphone have her face covered? is she wanted by the law? is she ashamed? did she skip work?-oh wait, never mind skipping work.

  • Jenny O

    It must be hard for them to stay up all night and get to their jobs early in the morning. It looks like a mix of boyfriends of angry feminists and liberal students with too much time on their hands.

  • Leroy1

    I believe Maricela Aguilar Monroy has openly bragged about being an illegal alien. Just go home if you’re that unhappy.

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