5 teens taken into custody, accused of leading police on pursuit in stolen vehicle

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WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Five of six teenagers are in police custody, accused of leading officers on a chase through several cities and counties in a vehicle stolen out of Racine.pursuit2

FOX6 News was told most of the teenagers are from Milwaukee.

They were originally stopped because the wrong license plates were displayed on the car, but soon began a multi-jurisdictional effort to bring them to a stop.

"Any individual agency really has to weigh what their (pursuit) procedures are," said Captain Martin Schulteis with the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Washington County Sheriff's Office

Washington County Sheriff's Office

Washington County authorities said a number of factors were discussed before a decision was made to proceed with the pursuit.

"The inclination was that this vehicle did not belong to them and that's exactly what occurred," said Captain Schulteis.

A Washington County deputy located the car and tried to get the driver to stop but they continued to flee on I-41. Deputies and police attempted to get the car to stop by deflating the tires, but the pursuit continued into the Village of Germantown. There, police deployed deflation spikes, bringing the car to a stop in a ditch on the Pilgrim Road off-ramp in Menomonee Falls.


Some learning of the pursuit Thursday said they were relieved to hear no one was injured, especially after Wednesday's snow storm.

"You have unskilled drivers at the wheel at high speeds in bad weather, it doubles the chances of accidents," said a Richfield resident.


Four out of six suspects ran from the car after the pursuit ended, and a foot chase then ensued.

"We took five of the six into police custody and are trying to determine who was seated where," said Schulteis.

The investigation is ongoing.

Police are trying to sort out what other local charges the teens could be facing.

The search continues for the sixth teen.


  • Bill Dillard

    No where in the article does it say they from Milwaukee. So quit with the bull. They might have been out Racine or any other surrounding county. Crime happens anywhere but it’s not advertised as much as it is in Milwaukee. I live in Milwaukee and the other reason you even here the crimes that happen is because news crews are in the heart of Milwaukee.

    • M.

      LOL it literally specifically says “Most of the subjects were juveniles from the City of Milwaukee.” Don’t try and stick up for that POS city. I lived in the burbs my entire life, move to 50th and North for 2 years, and picked up and left ASAP. I will never EVER live in Milwaukee again..too many hoodlums with no morals or respect for anyone or anything. They make their own rules there…and their parents are just as bad if not worse. Downtown and the east side are decent..the rest of the city is straight garbage.

  • james

    It ain’t a black or white thing. Its a good vs bad thing. Black, white, latino, a lot of these teenagers are just bad as hell with ZERO accountability, and most of the parents are just as bad.

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