“Gun war” erupts in street on Milwaukee’s north side; neighbors hear over 100 shots fired

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MILWAUKEE -- Just blocks from the interstate at 11th Lane and Locust, neighbors say a gun battle erupted in the middle of the street. Sources say over 100 shots were fired, and no one was killed.gun-war

"It was echoes. It was something," said Marquise Brazil, resident.

Neighbors are recalling a night they will never forget.

"It was like 50 to 100 gunshots. It was a gun war, basically," said Quita Thompson, ducked on floor.

Signs of a crime scene still litter the ground. The paths of bullet, after bullet, after bullet are still visible.gun-war4

"More than one place got hit; more than 50 shots. It was just heartbreaking to hear that," said Brazil.

Marquise Brazil

Marquise Brazil

Milwaukee police say just after 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, a vehicle pulled up to another parked on the road and opened fire.

Quita Thompson says she hit the deck in her nearby home.

"I couldn't count it was so many, I just got on the ground. I told my kids to get on the ground," said Thompson.gun-war5

Sources say more than 100 gunshots may have been fired. Police say a 26-year-old is recovering at the hospital from a non-fatal injury. A second victim soon arrived on their own and will also live.

Quita Thompson

Quita Thompson

"That is good, God is working man. He's working. This is not supposed to happen right now," said Brazil.

Neighbors are surprised the news is not worse, and hope those involved will change the direction of their lives.

"For that many gunshots to be fired and no one be dead, they don't know what they're doing,' said Thompson.

"They'll figure it out. This life is nothing to play with and they keep on playing with their lives and it will be taken. It's just heartbreaking," said Brazil. gun-war3

Police are still searching for suspects. It's unknown right now what sparked the gunfire.


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