“He’s not waking up for anything:” 8-year-old boy saves his father’s life with call to 911

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WAUKESHA -- A tearful call to 911 -- a plea from a child to help his father. That call came from a Waukesha boy -- only eight years old. The father, police said, appeared to have overdosed with his kids in the car.

In a parking lot somewhere in Waukesha, an emergency call was transferred to police. The caller -- a child.

Child: "Over here (unintelligible) my dad, he's dead. He's not waking up for anything."

The boy tried to describe where he is while emergency dispatchers traced the cell phone call. The boy's father was slumped over the steering wheel.

Dispatcher: "Is it just you two in the car?"

Child: "No, all four of us. My two brothers and my dad."

The boy told the dispatcher at age eight, he is the oldest. His brothers are six and four.

Child: "I don't know (crying)."

Dispatcher: "There's help on the way. The ambulance will be there shortly, OK?"

Lt. Kevin Rice of the Waukesha Police Department

Lt. Kevin Rice of the Waukesha Police Department

Police traced the cell phone to a parking lot owned by the Waukesha School Administration Building.

"A few moments later, a passerby grabbed the phone from the eight-year-old boy and gave a little bit more information that would lead us to believe it was a possible drug overdose," said Lt. Kevin Rice of the Waukesha Police Department.

Passerby: "I'm getting a pulse on him. He's warm and clammy, slumped over. There's three children in the car here, someone should get here soon. That would be great."

"It's pretty remarkable that an eight-year-old would have the knowledge to dial 911 to try and give his location to the dispatcher and actually know his father is in distress. It's quite an amazing little boy that was able to do that and literally saved his father's life," Rice said.

Within two minutes, Waukesha police made it to the scene -- and the father was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Waukesha Police Department

Waukesha Police Department

"The real tragedy here is that there were young children in the car at the time when this individual was using drugs," Rice said.

The father's life was saved according to police, but he will face criminal charges.

There is no connection to the administration building in this case. It just happens to be where the father pulled over.


  • Wake up people

    Just picturing this scene really makes me sick. Can you imagine the family life of these three small children? While you put yourself in this state you believe is heavenly know that your children are in hell everyday. How are those parent teacher conferences?What do they say to their friends about their parents. My dads taking us fishing-my dads taking us on his downhill path. I hope you read this and try hard to right your wrongs. Your kids didn’t ask for you as their father. Good Luck and man up for your kids! Give them happy memories from this day forward!

    • Sallie Jane

      I agree but you have to understand also addiction is a disease and an addict is not in there right mind. I believe that treatment is the right course otherwise people get worse while locked up. Hopefully this is rock bottom and those babies can have an amazing life moving forward. But let’s find ways to prevent this then having this keep happening. It happens more then you think and it needs to stop.

  • Trump2016

    Leave it to a Walker administration to ignore this issue. Instead of locking these junkies up, he and the Republicans in Madison spread this lie that Wisconsin has a drug epidemic. It’s time we move on from these so called “Republicans” and actually elect people who uphold the laws instead of giving them immunity from prosecution.

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