Woman escapes attempted abduction near 25th & Meinecke; neighbors warn it’s happened before

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MILWAUKEE -- Police are investigating an attempted abduction on Milwaukee's north side. It happened near 25th and Meinecke Wednesday afternoon, January 25th. Neighbors warn it might not have been the first time something like this has taken place.attempted-abduction3

FOX6 News has been told a woman was walking when a vehicle stopped and tried forcing her inside. She got away -- but neighbors say it's happened in the same area before.

Neighbors in the area are trying to understand what took place just 24-hours prior.

"It's messed up that somebody would do something like that," said Michael Cousin, neighbor.

Michael Cousin

Michael Cousin

Police say around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday, several suspects tried forcing a woman inside their vehicle. The woman was able to get away and the suspects took off.

"Shocking, very shocking," said Triston Cousin, neighbor.

Triston Cousin says it happened just steps from his home near a fence on his property. He spoke with police Wednesday.attempted-abduction2

"They said a blue van with a bubble top tried to snatch the 24-year-old girl," said Triston.

Triston Cousin

Triston Cousin

The incident is no surprise to the neighbors down the street.

"I was kind of afraid because last year something similar happened to my little sister," said a neighbor.

One woman says her teen sister ran away from a similar situation on the same block last year. She had just been dropped off by the school bus and was on her way home.

"A group of people drove up on her. One said, 'should we grab her?'" said the neighbor.attempted-abduction

She was able to safely escape. Her sister worries the latest incident is a bad sign.

"It's really scary. It just lets me know I have to be more alert," said the neighbor.attempted-abduction4

Neighbors say they will be looking out for each other so that it doesn't happen again.

"We just got to watch our people, watch our surroundings because you never know," said Michael.

Police say they are still seeking suspects. The investigation is ongoing.