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#FedExGuy speaks out after preventing flag burning: “I don’t believe I deserve the praise”

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — A FedEx driver who prevented a flag burning in Iowa City, Iowa is speaking out. Matthew Uhrin said he doesn’t want to be called a hero after stopping a group of protesters who tried to burn two United States flags on Thursday, January 26th.

Video of the incident went viral, but Uhrin, who is an Army veteran, said he doesn’t want the spotlight.

“I don’t believe that I deserve the praise. I never wanted it. It’s humbling. It is. It really hurts when you see (the flag) disgraced — and I think that’s why everybody loves it the way they do. Each person has their own reasons why they signed the dotted line and the ones that are really the heroes are the ones that were injured, maimed, killed — the ones that never got to see home again. They are the heroes. I want people to realize I don’t have Twitter. I’m not gonna be out there asking for stuff. If you want to buy me a meal, if you want to buy me a beer, if you want to send me gift card or something, I would rather you guys take that money and there is a plethora list of veteran charities that would be in need of money,” Uhrin said.

Video of Uhrin stopping the flag burning received almost eight million views — leading to the creation of #FedExGuy.

Uhrin was on the clock during the incident, but FedEx officials said he will keep his job.

Protesters said they were demonstrating against racial and social injustice — not against veterans.


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