Arrival canceled: Young refugee from Sudan, scheduled to arrive in Milwaukee could be in danger

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MILWAUKEE -- President Donald Trump on Friday, January 27th signed an executive order temporarily banning immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. In Milwaukee, that order puts the brakes on agencies that help refugees settle into their new homes. Officials at one agency said the suspension of refugee admissions is putting lives and livelihoods at risk.

Officials at Lutheran Social Services said Monday, January 30th they were supposed to pick up a new refugee, a man from Sudan. While that's one of seven countries listed in the 90-day visa/travel ban, the executive order suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days.

Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services

Refugee admissions altogether are suspended, and those at Lutheran Social Services said they're worried about the future of their refugee program.

Mary Flynn

Mary Flynn

Mary Flynn, refugee program director at Lutheran Social Services said a young Sudanese man was scheduled to arrive in Milwaukee on Monday.

"24 years old, has been registered and waiting to come since 2010," Flynn said.

The arrival, along with arrivals of eight refugees from Burma in the coming weeks have been canceled as a result of President Trump's executive order.



Flynn said she worries the Sudanese refugee is in danger.

"His case was being expedited because he was a victim of violence and torture," Flynn said.

As part of the executive order issued Friday, the U.S. Refugee Admission Program is suspended for 120 days so officials can "determine what additional procedures should be taken to ensure those approved for refugee admission don't pose a threat."

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

"You don`t know when the next threat`s coming. You don`t know when the next attack`s coming, and so, the best you can do is get ahead of it because, if you wait, you`re gonna be reacting," Sean Spicer, President Trump's press secretary said.

The order prompted nationwide protests, including one held Monday by the Chicago chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace outside House Speaker Paul Ryan's office in Racine.

Protest outside House Speaker Paul Ryan's office in Racine

Protest outside House Speaker Paul Ryan's office in Racine

Flynn said from iris scans with the United Nations to numerous interviews with US officials, the refugee screening process is already safe.

"I think once the administration really does delve deeper into it and understand it completely, they`ll know what we know here. This vetting process is thorough. It`s extremely complete. It`s very extensive," Flynn said.

Protests over President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration

Protests over President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration

Officials at Lutheran Social Services said their funding for the refugee program is basically $950 for each client.

With no new refugees, they're looking at no funding for the next 120 days.

Flynn said they'll now need donations in order to keep the lights on for classes and job referrals for refugees already here.


  • deleted again

    Well I’m sure that all of the protesters would be willing to put up the money to fund your school. I’m sure you will survive and I’m also sure that the refugee from Sudan will survive too. You are just another part of all the hype because your candidate lost.

  • Ray

    Sometimes you just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of the reporting of these stories. This guy’s been registered and waiting to come since 2010, but suddenly NOW his life is in danger? I’m not buying it. If it hasn’t been in danger since 2010, why was he registered? Sorry buddy but if you’ve been waiting since 2010, you can wait 90 more days. Give me a break. Second part, they say that they had 8 refugees from Burma scheduled. They cancelled them. Why??? Burma isn’t on the list. If you cancelled those people, don’t blame Trump. Third, they’re suddenly concerned about their refugee program. Why? Because of a 90 day ban on refugees from terrorist sponsoring countries? REALLY? Your program can’t survive that??? Why?? Are your only refugees terrorists???? I’m Lutheran. This is probably a good group, but OMG this story is ridiculous. I hate the liberal media.

  • Phil

    Lutheran Social Services is responsible for bringing all the Somalis into Minneapolis and Minnesota and that has been a disaster.

    • Chrisco

      This same group bought the old high school in Waupun that was foreclosed on when the builder did not finish the remodel for apartments.

  • Juneau Ave

    the title of the piece is a young refuge.. making you think this is a chilc.. no a 24 year old man is a male that has done things in his country to be a man since he was 10. this is not a poor little thing but a grown man that should be caring for the family he left behind.. or helping his parents to stay stronger in the Sudan.. his labor there is needed to help his family not run away to the US for freebies…

  • PH

    Liberals never stop with the sob stories. How about worrying about the homeless and the veterans and the poor instead?

  • lovin2017sofar

    so what was the hold up since 2010? Now it’s a dire emergency? Ever since he was 17/18 makes you wonder. A child yes, young male adult needs to be vetted vetted and vetted again. i see nothing about a student or work visa just he maybe in danger. There are other countries to go to if it is that bad and you cannot wait. If they have bans too, well there is a reason for that.

  • Jean

    I notice many churches are quick to defend and take in immigrants legal and illegal. I wonder how many of them the church would take in if they had to rely completely on donations from their own church members?

  • Jean

    As for this doctor with a visa to work in America. President Trump has every right to scrutinize people coming from the middle east. This doctor should be glad he has had the opportunities in America to work and make more money than he would ever make in Syria. This attorney must be an idiot to take on his case against President Trump.

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