Gov. Walker says he wouldn’t run for re-election had Clinton won

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MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says he wouldn’t have run for a third term if Democrat Hillary Clinton had been elected president.

Walker made his comment in an interview Friday on MSNBC. Walker has not said whether he will run for a third term in 2018, but he’s raising money and taking steps as if he is going to do it.

Walker says in the interview “If Hillary Clinton was president of the United States right now, I would not have run for re-election” in Wisconsin. Walker says he looks forward to working with Republican President Donald Trump on a series of reforms, including welfare programs and how federal aid is sent to the states.

Walker also calls Trump’s Cabinet picks a “top-notch group.”


  • guest72

    Yeah, sure – and I would have taken a rocket to Mars if she had won. All talk, no action. The sooner we send him back home to Tosa, the better!

  • Gregory Johnson

    Top notch group? Funny stuff from this “governor”. The majority of the nominees are actually against or illiterate about the cabinets they have been selected to run. I hope the Democrats come up with a competitive candidate to run against this mistake of a man.

  • Doug

    Walker is now just a Trump toadie. He, and all the other toadies and obsequious slobbering yes men will learn after a year or two of major crisis after major crisis, that they not only destroyed their own political fortunes by aligning themselves with neo-fascist demagogues but that they helped destroy their own country. No surprise here after seeing what this drooling hakf wit toadie did to the once great state of Wisconsin. Hey Colorado, you can have Scott Walker back and we’ll take a safe, legal, taxed and regulated cannabis market!

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