President Trump to deliver speech on economy in Milwaukee on Thursday

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MADISON — President Donald Trump is planning to deliver a speech on the economy in Milwaukee on Thursday.

The White House confirmed the planned visit on Monday, which comes two weeks into Trump’s presidency. His last trip to Wisconsin was in December as part of his victory tour.

Trump is making the stop amid continued backlash from the executive order he released Friday temporarily banning refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries. Trump is slated to announce his pick for a vacant U.S. Supreme Court seat on Tuesday.

No other details about his planned Thursday trip to Wisconsin have been released.



    I understand Milwaukee is the largest city in the State but why go there? Places like Waukesha and Washington Counties got him elected. Are the Pathetic leaders like Abele…Barrett….Flynn going to meet him? I voted for him but probably wouldn’t go see him anyways. But what does he gain by making an appearance in the most liberal, and crime infested City in the State? Is he going to tell Barrett to become a real Mayor, or Flynn a real Police Chief. Is he going to tell them clean up there act or he will send in the Feds.? Can someone help me out here?

  • john

    do you think for one moment ,now that he is elected he gives a crap about you..lies thru his teeth,says onething 2-min later something else,and dont worry MEXICO IS NOT EVER GOING TO PAY FOR THAT WALL,THE TAXPAYERS WILL ..YOU TRUMP SUCKS…

  • Menomonie Home

    years ago the new Republican President went to Appleton Lacrosse and even to Wisconsin Dells for this speech.. but as the security has to be tighter and more of the larger cities are the ones with an airport.. GreenBay Milwaukee Madison, those are the cities that have this type of event.. as someone in a movie said once..” Great Men are tempered with fires, and its the common man that builds those fires.” if you want a better USA.. stop stomping around and do a positive note on changing something.. or as a Great US Dem President said a long time ago ” Ask Not what America can do for you.. Ask what can you do for America..” seems that a lot of people have forgotten MM’s best friend…

  • Julie Putney

    YUCK. Isn’t it bad enough that Wisconsin has Ryan, Johnson, and Walker? Does that POS have to come here again?

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