“Right to Try:” Republican state lawmakers introduce bill for the terminally ill

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MADISON — Two Republican state lawmakers are introducing a bill that would allow terminally ill patients in Wisconsin to try potentially life-saving drug still under federal review.

Reps. Pat Snyder and Joel Kleefisch say 33 other states already have “Right to Try” laws that allows terminally ill patients to try drugs still under investigation by the Federal Drug Administration.

Kleefisch said in a news release Monday that a Texas doctor has saved 78 lives with the measure and that terminally ill patients “deserve every chance at living.”

A bipartisan companion bill in the Senate is expected to be introduced by Republican Sen. Terry Moulton and Democratic Sen. Fred Risser.

A similar bill introduced last session did not pass.

Trickett Wendler

Trickett Wendler

You may have heard of the Trickett Wendler Right to Try Act before. FOX6 News introduced you to Wendler in 2014, and followed her through her brave battle with ALS. She was a big supporter of Right to Try legislation.

Wendler lost her battle with ALS nearly two years ago.

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  • lovin2017sofar

    I’m more a fan of Right to Die. I do not want to waste my $, time, stress out my family by prolonging the inevitable. I do not want to die with all kinds of tubes and wires stuck in me, in pain, while my family anxiously awaits a cure for me or to just “be with me” as I lie in a hospital bed, probably in and out of consciousness between bouts of puking and severe pain. No thanks. Passing away in my own bed, or a walk in the woods, or a raft on the lake thank you very much.

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