Seeking “clarity” on immigration ban: UWM reaches out to its international students, offers support

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MILWAUKEE -- There have been protests, discussion and polls as people react to President Donald Trump's executive order banning travelers and immigration from seven countries. Travelers were impacted already this weekend. But in the Milwaukee area, some University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) students are concerned about their future.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee UWM (winter)On UWM's campus, 100 students are from countries included in the temporary immigration ban. Seven are from Syria -- one is from Iraq. The rest are from Iran -- many in graduate degree programs.

Officials on campus said the new executive order is making their future uncertain.

"My advice to students is you're here stay here for now, until we get more clarity," said Johannes Britz, UWM provost.

The university is reaching out to those on student visas, giving them support. On Tuesday, January 31st, officials will meet with the students from the banned countries. On Friday, they will meet with the entire international student community.

Jennifer Gruenwald, International Student Services

Jennifer Gruenwald, International Student Services

"We want to make sure our students know that our office, the Center for International Education, is a home base for them and to come talk to us," said Jennifer Gruenwald, International Student Services.

Students with families from the impacted countries have concerns about relatives still there.

International students at UW-Milwaukee

Lamia Tabara

Lamia Tabara

"Even though it's a temporary ban, it may stay permanent and people may forget about the countries that need help in the future," said Lamia Tabara.

Tabara has family in the process of immigrating to the U.S.

"We are planning on bringing one of them over. We will see what happens," Tabara said.

Adeel Masalkhi

Adeel Masalkhi

Adeel Masalkhi's uncle was killed in the conflict in Syria.

"Just the attitude towards Syria as of late has not been very positive. I would say this ban is creating an even more hostile environment for help for the people who desperately need it," Masalkhi said.

UWM officials are quick to say they do not know the future either or have more information than what has been put out. But they will help their students any way they can.



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