President Trump NOT COMING to Milwaukee; Harley-Davidson wasn’t comfortable with likely protests

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will not head to Milwaukee for a previously scheduled visit of a Harley-Davidson factory after the company decided it wasn’t comfortable hosting him amid planned protests, a President Trump administration official said Tuesday, January 31st.

President Trump had been scheduled to tour the factory Thursday where he also planned to sign executive orders related to American manufacturing.

The visit had not been publicly announced, but White House staffers were already on the ground in Milwaukee setting up for President Trump’s planned visit to the factory on Thursday.

White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed President Trump is not expected to go to Milwaukee on Thursday.

Harley-Davidson issued a statement Tuesday night saying they “don’t have, nor did we have, a scheduled visit from the President this week at any of our facilities.”

“We are proud to have hosted Presidential visits at our facilities. Three of the last five presidents — Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton — have visited us at our facilities. These visits are a testament to the pride and passion of our employees and their great work building Harley-Davidson motorcycles,” said Maripat Blankenheim, director of Harley-Davidson’s corporate communication. “We look forward to hosting the president in the future.”

The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump issued this statement:

“The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump is thrilled that Trump has been forced to cancel his visit to Milwaukee, one of his first press events outside of Washington D.C. Fearing a massive protest, Trump was forced to cancel his event after a massive backlash from the community over his scheduled appearance at Harley-Davidson. The location of Trump’s event, which was supposed to remain secret, was leaked by activists and a rally was planned outside the Harley-Davidson plant in Menomonee Falls. Thousands of people from all walks of life were prepared to protest Trump’s visit and condemn his hateful speech and policies. The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump organized a call-in protest to Harley-Davidson that resulted in a denial from Harley-Davidson, followed by an announcement from the White House that the trip was cancelled. Trump’s unpopular policies have ignited an unprecedented resistance movement that will block his every move. We hope our success in Milwaukee sets the tone for the rest of Trump’s Presidency, wherever he goes, there will be resistance!”

Large protests have been in the works in recent days, particularly in light of President Trump’s executive order issuing an immigration ban.

It was the threat of protests, and not President Trump’s planned signing of executive orders, that made Harley-Davidson uncomfortable, the President Trump administration official said, according to CNN.

The canceled trip highlighted the difficulties President Trump will continue to face as he looks to implement his agenda while his presidency is engulfed in controversy.

President Trump’s decision to temporarily ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the US and suspend the admission of all refugees has sparked a wave of protests nationwide — protests which now appear to have torpedoed the rollout of an unrelated part of his policy agenda.

The travel ban was also met with widespread condemnation by Democrats and even some Republicans who called the move counterproductive to US counterterrorism efforts.

That fiery opposition has already ramped up Democrats’ efforts to stall the confirmation of President Trump’s Cabinet nominees, and could also trickle down to legislative efforts.


  • Scott

    Brilliant. Let’s make sure the leader of the free world can’t visit WI based businesses. The vehicles of protest have reached all time levels of sheer stupidity.

    • Judas Priest

      Ok so what are you Protesting about?!? All I see are the typical lib talking points, where is the reason you are protesting Trump? What has he done to be protested every time he breathes. If Conservatives would have done this every time we disagreed with your last disaster we would have been painted as racists and what ever names you people label on us without merit.

  • dick

    The best thing that could of happened to the city and the company says no thanks! Im moving! This city is junk!

  • Tacocat

    Trump is expanding middle class manufacturing jobs and Milwaukee is protesting his visit. Good luck getting companies to move to your city.

  • Nope

    By Mexicans you mean anyone brown like: Cuban, Dominican, Peruvians, Argentines, Puerto Ricans, (as a small example of the Hispanic community) including Indians (from India), Asians (Japan, China, Korea, Philippines.) People sees them all as Mexican for some reason. As a non-Mexican Hispanic (or White per the government) I don’t consider myself part of the Hispanic community…so I don’t care much about the social issues. Lets not forget about the Polish and Italian community, Russians, serbs and Greeks…but what is white..except if you or your family are immigrants.

  • Judas Priest

    I think the real dummies are the idiot liberals protesting everything. Don’t these idiots have jobs they need to go to? Oh that’s right George Soros takes care of that. So, when you were in school and the Teacher asked you what you wanted to be, before you settled on fry cook with your fight for 15 bs did you tell the Teacher Professional Protester?
    All you godless progressives are all alike, fight for the criminals while you let the victims die.

  • Your Momma

    So since you like to Protest, you condone smashing windows, destroying private property, obstructing traffic? Why do you think the sane people in this Country are steering away from the Democrats? Because you paint yourselves as Hypocrites with your anti-bullying when you are the bullies. Did you see Conservatives running a muck through the streets with the last disaster you had in Office for 8 years? No, because we use the ballot box to do our protesting and we spoke loud and clear since 2010 after you rammed the ACA down everyones throats. Make sure you put my trash can back by the curb like I placed it for you to pick up instead of just throwing it into the street

    • Mr.liberal

      First of all I don’t condone people destroying property at all that’s the fringe side of any movement we all have them the left and right but protest create change look at Egypt with the them protesting look at the civil rights movement of America look at South Africa protesting works in against violence in any form but just a little FYI I’m a liberal that loves guns so we have some common ground

  • Libsareliars

    Well if you’re stupid enough to give protesters money to hold these protests I guess I have to wonder how low of an IQ you really have.

  • Your Momma

    I doubt you work next to me, I don’t work at the train station turning tricks like you. I work in an office that has windows and a coffee machine

  • Peanut

    yeah, strangely its the right wingers who report anything they disagree with and have the audacity to call liberals snowflakes.

  • deleted again

    These protesters are not against anything in particular. They are against Trump. The Democrats had a lifelong criminal running,they screwed Sanders because someone thought it would be a good idea to have Clinton run.
    The whole campaign was so full of Democratic mud slinging, lies and media bias that people had no choice than to vote for someone different,someone who can change what the Democrats have screwed up. And now the same people are still whining and after months of their whining I don’t think they have anything legitimate to complain about anymore.

    • PG

      People have a lot to loose – but some folks have already lost a lot of things they have worked for. IT is good to have concerns and discussions. I am delighted that Obama wanted to provide healthcare to the uninsured. I am in favor of that. I have friends who went from no heath care to having insurance. I will not call it healthcare coverage because insurance and coverage are not the same.
      – They are forced to pay a premium and still pay for their visits (Have not met deductible). Although they have insurance, they have not been “covered” for anything. This has been a huge hardship.
      – I have lost my coverage do to excessive cost
      – My neighbors on 2 sides, family members and community members have lost their lifetime doctors and ultimately their coverage because insurers have left the state. The one company left here certainly has a monopoly so choice is greatly reduced.
      So, this needs reform. Lets have an serious discussion without the name calling and give these folks a chance to fix some of the things that are broken. IF they fail, then most of America will be complaining with you and trump will be out of office – but he deserves a chance.

    • grunt

      1. This will keep us safer, and was also initiated by Barack Hussein Obama.
      2. The wall will keep us safer. This indirect tax you allege is either doesn’t exist or is minimal.
      3. The current plan for health care (ObamaCare) is terrible land was sold on lies.
      4. Most of these unqualified people have a proven track record of success and are far more qualified than Barack Hussein Obama or Mrs. Clinton.
      5. If anti-choice means we don’t kill babies, that’s a good thing. If anti-choice means you can’t chose which school your kids ill go to or chose a President without an annoying temper tantrum, that’s not so good.

  • Opinion8d

    It’s a shame Harley chickened out. Unfortunately, they must be watching the MSM and buying into the anti-Trump narrative. The fact is he got elected (and won WI) and is governing based on his promises he ran on. The media, an obviously Harley, still doesn’t understand the SILENT MAJORITY is behind them. And turning away a President, is just giving into the bully from a small few.

    • Christian M. Walker

      Harley Davidson SHOULD be ashamed of themselves! I’ll continue using Harley designed motors for my builds, but I will NEVER purchase, and will boycott, Harley Davidson products.

      • Scott

        I really don’t blame Harley. The irrationality of media coverage and the emotional lunacy that follows these events far outweighs the benefits. It’s a shame but I expect it’s a lesser of two evils approach … much like the Presidential election. My guess is they will have opportunity to bend the President’s ear around protecting jobs and buying American in a different venue. IMHO

  • Carl

    Harley-Davidson should be ASHAMED!!! I can’t describe how angry I am at the level of disrespect this shows to our President. Wisconsin voted for President Trump and to allow a few whiney protesters to dictate his visit, and for Harley Davidson to cave to them, is absolutely DISGUSTING! I am embarrassed to be from Wisconsin right now. And I’m embarrassed that Harley is a WI business!!!

  • Stupid is....

    If Harley canceled President Trump’s trip due to “protesters”, they have let these liberal pukes bully them! This is ridiculous! The persons in charge of this decision do not speak for the majority! This is bad press for HDMC! Shame on you!


    Fox 6 showed the protesters at Harley – there couldn’t have been more than 20. If I get 20 protesters and protest in front of your building – are you going to give us the same coverage? Harley is a mainstay in Milwaukee and you made a decision to show that 20 people represent the 500,000 citizens of Milwaukee represent???

  • Warren

    All of these “protests” by the confused left only show how much encouragement they received from Obama, who is still at it, and how much damage has been done to a once great nation. Pres Trump has a long hard road ahead and he needs encouragement. He is taking a lot of heat for us.

  • Scott

    Interesting. That would make the entire first paragraph a lie in which case, yes … interesting that fox would fabricate that Harley ended the visit and open with it.

  • Bill

    I can say that I will never ride my FLHR ever again nor will I ever spend a single dollar on Harley Davidson products or parts. I know it will not break the company bank, but as an American, who is proud to be an American. I can’t see doing business with a company that falsely drapes it’s self as patriotic icon.

    • Eric

      Agreed. Harley just showed there hand. Very unpatriotic of them. There bikes are overpriced anyhow. They just want to market to the yuppies not the real bike riders.


    Oh look the libards at FAUX6 are deleting all Trump-supporting posts again. We know you don’t like fair and balanced views, right Communist FAUX6 mods? In any event, I think we should put together a list of all 25 of these liberal cry-babies that showed up protesting to let the world know those brain-dead snowflakes don’t represent the rest of Milwaukee. I hope Harley loses a TON of business over this as well, serves them right for being such a bunch of putas.

    • Eric

      Fox 6 is as one sided as Milwaukee pbs. Nothing but snowflakes hyping nothing but false hoods. The only good thing out of fox 6 is Mary Stoker Smith aka Mary Smoking Smith. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out.

  • Thank you for standing by our President when he is trying to save our country and corporations like yous.

    Disappointed in Harley Davidson. Stand Your Ground. Have a further parameter. They can protest on public property not private property. What will all the Harley Davidson supporters say about this?

  • Bill

    So basically if Harley doesn’t want to host Trump, I suspect a lot of people will now avoid purchasing a Harley.

    Nice going, guys.

  • Lori Karlson

    Good riddance! Stay away and write more moronic tweets about how great you think you are. Call your honey pie Putin, he’ll make it all better. Get more foreign payments so the violation of the Constitution Emoluments Clause can get him sued….another Trump lawsuit to add to the pile. This man is only out to further his own interests. Funny to see politicians kissing his wrinkled, orange tushie. Wisconsin doesn’t need Mr. Tiny Hands.

  • me

    Harley is a bunch of pussies and probably pissed off a lot of their customers. Pathetic cowards, I hope HD goes bankrupt soon.

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