Poll: 31 percent of voters approve of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s job performance

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

MILWAUKEE — A survey by Public Policy Polling, a firm that aligns with the Democratic Party, finds that 62 percent of voters in Milwaukee County disapprove of the job Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is doing.

Just 31 percent of voters approve of his job performance, according to the poll.

A news release providing the poll results also says:

“Beyond that, voters consider (Sheriff Clarke) to be somewhat of a national embarrassment. 65% say that he’s had a negative impact on Milwaukee County’s image nationally, to only 29% who think he’s had a positive impact. White voters (34/59 approval for Clarke) and black voters (22/72 approval for Clarke) are united in their negative feelings toward him.”

CLICK HERE for the complete results of the PPP survey

Fran McLaughlin, a spokeswoman for Clarke, responded to a request for comment by pointing to two articles that question PPP’s methodology and accuracy.

Public Policy Polling said it surveyed 1,260 Milwaukee County voters, including 722 Democratic primary voters, from January 27th to 29th. The margin of error is +/-2.8 percent for the overall sample, and +/-3.7 percent for the Democratic primary voter sample.

Participants were selected through a list based sample, and responded via landline telephone calls, the firm said.



      THIS EXACTLY! FAUX6 is known for their skewed/faked polls where they only ask Dems. You know where they take these polls? In the ghetto/inner-city that consists of a population that is almost 100% liberal. I was never asked for my opinion, but interestingly enough, my friend who lives in the smack dab of the Mexican section of town gets asked about polls like this all the time (She tells them to get off her porch, LOL).. from the liberals who talk the poor Mexicans into signing by playing to their lack of money and promising that by signing the poll that “Things will change” for them and they will suddenly be “taken care of” and “get their way”.. gotta love how Dems have to lie and manipulate people down in those sections of town to attempt to “Get their way”, when in fact the Dems don’t really care as long as they get their “numbers”.

  • Really? Sheriff Clarke is great, stop harassing him with garbage polls.

    I’d like to know exactly who they polled.. because as I talk to people who live around me (and I live in Milwaukee) everyone likes and approves of the Sheriff.. In fact they’re glad he stands up to Abele and calls it exactly how it is without bias. And if so 77% of Milwaukee disliked him how does he keep getting re-elected? Easy, because this poll is garbage.

  • Andrew

    31% of people in this district see nothing wrong with allowing humans to die from dehydration while being detained in his prisons. So yeah, American morality is a bit shaky these days.

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