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Charged: Woman accused of bringing items to inmate, having sexual contact with him

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Loralie Schultz

Loralie Schultz

RACINE COUNTY — 52-year-old Loralie Schultz of Racine faces criminal charges for alleged criminal and sexual incidents which happened over the last six months.

Schultz faces the following charges:

  • Deliver illegal articles to inmate
  • 2nd degree sexual assault by correctional staff

According to the criminal complaint, Schultz works at the Racine Correctional Institute (RCI) where she worked as a file clerk. She apparently developed a friendship with an inmate.

The complaint indicates over the last six months, “she brought a cell phone, cans of chewing tobacco, and a sewing kit into RCI and had given it to (the inmate).” Schultz told officials the items were brought in at the inmate’s request. Schultz told investigators “the items were brought into RCI by placing them in her sock.”

Schultz also told investigators she and the inmate “had kissed” and had inappropriate sexual contact.

If convicted on the more serious assault charge, Schultz faces up to 40 years in prison and $100,000 in fines. Schultz is due back in court for her preliminary hearing on February 15th.


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