Crime bill package could send more youth to troubled prison

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MADISON — Two Republican legislators want to expand the list of crimes that could land juveniles in the state’s troubled youth prison and remove limits on the length of their stay.

The proposed changes come less than two weeks after the American Civil Liberties Union and the Juvenile Law Center filed a lawsuit alleging widespread abuse and overuse of solitary confinement at the state’s youth prison in Irma. The FBI is currently investigating conditions at the facility.

The bills are part of a package of legislation Sen. Leah Vukmir and Rep. Joe Sanfelippo introduced Tuesday evening in an effort to curb violent crime. The package also includes measures that would increase penalties for possessing a firearm while on probation and carjacking.

Vukmir and Sanfelippo did not immediately return messages requesting comment.


  • polymorph

    It’s funny they have a white kid in handcuffs because they’re so afraid of an uproar and be called racist if they tell the truth.

  • sick of it all

    Okay parents, let this be a warning to you and your children. The youth prison system isn’t pleasant. Judging by people who I know who have been incarcerated, the adult system isn’t a barrel of laughs either.

    Read this article and take heed. You don’t want you OR your loved ones in this system. Keep tabs on your kids. Keep them out of the system. This way you don’t have to worry about how your kid is treated when in prison.

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