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Nutrition myths: You might think you’re eating healthier, but are you really?

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MILWAUKEE -- You're trying to eat healthy -- but just not experiencing slimming results. It could be that you're falling for healthy eating myths. Registered dietitian Lisa Grudzielanek with Your Tasty Life joins Real Milwaukee to clear up the confusion.

Myth #1: Selecting Organic Food Is Always Healthy & Will Help Me Lose Weight
• The word organic has nothing to do with the nutrient value of the food itself.
• Organic does equate to a good dietary choice. Example: organic candy
• Organic sugar is still sugar. It is chemical-free but still sugar, with its effects.

Myth # 2: All Calories Are Created Equal
• In fact, not all calories are created equal.
• It does matter which foods the calories are coming.
• Eating 300 calorie from ice cream is not the same as eating 300 calories from broccoli.

Myth #3: You Can Eat Whatever You Want, If You Workout
• It is very difficult to out-exercise a bad diet.
• Often fitness experts express that 80% of weight loss is based on the diet.
• You must consistently eat smart to see results.

Myth #4: Eating Mini-Meals and/or Snacking is Good for You
• This is not true for everyone.
• Depends on what the person is snacking on and your meal timing.
• Blood sugar steady meals spaced 4-6 hours apart, do not 'require' snacking.
• Taking a food break between meals encourages your body to burn fat stores and assists digestion.

Myth #5: Diet and 'Skinny' Foods Help You Lose Weight
• It`s not simply about a food containing lower calories.
• Artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase blood sugar, insulin production, disrupt bowel flora, stall fat loss and increase sugar cravings.
• Better choice over diet soda pure water!


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