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2 dead after vehicle slams into bridge pillar on Milwaukee’s north side

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MILWAUKEE -- Two 20-year-old men are dead after a crash at 32nd and Hampton Tuesday night, January 31st. It happened shortly before 10:30 p.m.

Police said a car occupied by three Milwaukee men was headed westbound on Hampton at a high rate of speed when it collided with a concrete bridge pillar.

Fatal crash near 32nd & Hampton, Milwaukee

Fatal crash near 32nd & Hampton, Milwaukee

One man was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. A second man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. That man later died.

Fatal crash near 32nd & Hampton, Milwaukee

Fatal crash near 32nd & Hampton, Milwaukee

A third man, age 18, fled the scene of the crash, armed with a pistol, police said. He was arrested a short time later. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Another pistol and what are believed to be narcotics were recovered from the car.

Fatal crash near 32nd & Hampton, Milwaukee

Fatal crash near 32nd & Hampton, Milwaukee

It all happened very near the Holy Redeemer Academy, a school for children from K-4 through high school.

"I think for these kids, you got to start at a young age. You got to put these values in them and I think that's why we've gone so wrong in our society. It's still a value our children don't have anymore because we felt we don't need to -- but we do," said Hattie Daniels-Rush, Holy Redeemer Academy.

FOX6 News has uncovered more about the records of the young men involved in the crash.

One of the 20-year-old men was out on bail for charges involving cocaine and heroin dealing and keeping a drug house. His prior arrests include battery to a school official and car theft.

School officials said they hope their lessons teaching children to save their own money early will become a life-saving value -- saving some from easy money on the streets.

Fatal crash near 32nd & Hampton, Milwaukee

Fatal crash near 32nd & Hampton, Milwaukee

"Our hope and belief is when they start getting into the teenage years, that they'll have a different mindset about earning dollars," Daniels-Rush said.

The 18-year-old man now in custody has previously been charged with recklessly endangering safety. He now faces drug charges while armed.

Police say this case remains under investigation. However, this does not seem to be a stolen car case.

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  • Jim

    The City of Milwaukee isn’t hardly responsible for a solution. The people who continue to have children with no intention of acting the a parent to their kids is the primary problem. That’s a cultural issue, and until the culture is willing to work on that there will not be a solution. This goes for everyone, even those east side kids. Being a responsible parent doesn’t stop at the time your kids can walk, or even when they don’t sleep at home every night.

    • Bigbird

      The people who continue to have children with no intention of acting as the parent to their kids is not the primary problem and its not a culture issue…. no matter how you raise and teach your child the good of life and what it means not to shoot up drug and steal or even beat their parent/grandparents to death, once they are grown (18 and older) they make their own decisions in life only thing we can do as parents is continue to show them and teach them the way of life! YES!!!! When its all said and done The City of Milwaukee/ Government is partially responsible for the solution as well, not matter what culture it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Lets say these three men were of a different race and this happen in a city like West Allies. Guns and drugs also at the accident scene. I’m willing to bet, you would see less comments below. People sending condolences to the family of the deceased. And basically a whole different tone. My point is this…. Be careful of cheering death on people no matter what kind of lives they choose to live. Because it would suck if this happen to a family member or close friend of yours. Even if they weren’t considered a “model citizen”.


      B S!!! Are you serious. Scroll down on all of the articles on this page for about a week. We’ll call it a small audit of content on this site. Look at all the stories on Black people committing crimes and compare them to the stories of whites committing crimes. You will first see a difference in total amount of comments. Next, you will see the usual suspects like you OPINON8D, putting in their little 2cent comment in. And lastly, you will see a negative tone that basically sends an message that clearly is not a positive image for entire race & community. I think there is a underlining purpose to the negative media towards Black people. It helps the average Middle class guy in America, late on his mortgage, has a dead end job, and has a wife that’s cheating. He can turn on the news at 5 and say, “my life sucks but at least I’m not Black and going through stuff like that.” Think about it. lol

    • Taselama dandridge

      First of all Tommy the 18 year old was speeding in a school zone which is why he got the recklessly endangering safety citation, which was changed to not obeying a traffic sign, and was under 18….. how they portray our children …. he has gotten his license since then and is registered to get his hsed….. why won’t fox 6 news tell that….. you cant even find the charges fox six is talking about on ccap or mmccis….. that’s the news for u but gone head and try to turn my son into scarface cause he was in an accident and lost two friends…. tarnish these boys names why don’t you… thats what your readers need.. something else to down talk our people. My son isn’t an angel but he sur isn’t a thug. I wouldnt defend him if he was out here stealing and robbing and pillaging our neighborhoods….

  • Buster

    An innocent 53 year old woman killed on the south side, two teens shooting at each other on Capitol, and these high speed thugs with guns and drugs – all in one day. This is just what we hear about and this has been typical in Milwaukee for a long time.
    I just want to know, why do some people think that the likes of Tom Barrett and Obama have done so good for our city and country if this is so commonplace?

    • Ella

      Actually they had the gun as protection and never harmed anyone. They were caught up in a bad scene, made mistakes. They were genuine, down to earth, nice guys. Would never hurt someone. Very respectful towards all races, even mine, Caucasian. R.i.p guys. Praying for your little daughter LA.

  • Requesting accountability

    Ok, where were the Parents? Charge them. Feed up with parents that do not raise their children.

  • Domo

    This sad i actually graduated from this school and i also know those young men as well r.i.p. yall will very well be missed

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