“I love Wisconsin:” Pres. Trump meets with Harley-Davidson execs, says bikers were ‘with me all the way’

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump says bikers were with him all the way during his campaign.

President Trump met a group from Harley-Davidson Thursday, February 2nd after they rolled up to the south lawn of the White House. He greeted the bikers warmly, saying, "Made in America, Harley-Davidson."

President Trump added that during the campaign, bikers "were with me all the way."

Pres. Trump meets with Harley-Davidson execs

Pres. Trump meets with Harley-Davidson execs

But he did not hop on for a ride. President Trump joked to the journalists gathered to watch the welcome: "Boy, would you like to see me fall off one of these!"

President Trump later praised Harley before lawmakers inside the White House. He also discussed trade and manufacturing policy with Harley executives.

"Harley-Davidson is a true American icon, one of the greats. Your motorcycles have carried American service members in the war, and they take care of our police officers," President Trump said.

President Trump told Harley executives he wants to renegotiate North American trade deals so that things are fairer for American workers.

However, economists generally attribute the loss of manufacturing jobs to China -- not Mexico.

About 52 percent of Harley-Davidson motorcycles are sold outside the United States.

Earlier this week, during an earnings call with analysts, Harley-Davidson's CEO said the company is concerned about economic and political uncertainty which might affect global interest in its motorcycles.

President Trump cancelled a Thursday trip to Wisconsin, where Harley-Davidson is located.


  • Libsareliars

    Yeah but at least he knows how to run a business unlike the community organizer we had running this country the last 8 years. The guy was lucky he could organize a birthday party for a 5 year old.


      Libsareliars: You hit the nail on the head! So what if he can’t ride a MOTORCYCLE, I doubt most liberals snowflakes can either and running a business is MUCH more important to this country. Of course, liberals have different priorities, like insulting his hair or something equally as pathetic.

    • Really makes you think

      Funny how these two were complaining about how Harley became liberal yesterday. The thing I hate more than libs are “conservatives” who flip flop.

  • liberalstupidity

    Trump did more for this country in the last few weeks than anyone in the last 8 years. They should also arrest hollywood liberals for inciting violence against the union.

    • Lieralsstupidit

      Hollywood homos needs bow down to trump. Let him stick his weiner in their mouths and show them what real president taste like.

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