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“He fled:” Man suspected of impersonating police officer in Waukesha County now on the run

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A man police suspected of impersonating a police officer in Waukesha County is now on the run. Authorities say he was driving a car model similar to those used by law enforcement. He was parked on a turnaround on I-43 when he was spotted by an off-duty officer.waukesha-county

It turns out the suspect is on probation for an offense he committed in Illinois, and that's exactly where police believe he is heading to.

"I don't think this person is any danger to anybody right now, we know who he is there's warrants out there for him. He knows we are looking for him," said Big Bend Police Chief Donald Gaglione.

Big Bend Police Department

Big Bend Police Department

Gaglione said a male, white, in his mid-30s on probation, fled from an investigatory traffic stop at high speeds.

Thursday, February 2nd at 4:30 p.m., an off-duty officer spotted the man inside a parked, black Crown Victoria model car. These cars are often used by law

"The Waukesha Sheriff's Department received a call of a possible person impersonating a police officer that was on I-43 at one of the turnarounds," said Chief Gaglione.

David Gaglione

David Gaglione

The car got off in New Berlin. By this time, Waukesha sheriff's deputies and New Berlin police were assisting in the investigation. The chase stopped once it hit high speeds and became too risky for the general public.

Police ran the suspect's plates and were lead to a Milwaukee address.

"We were able to contact a member of his family. The family member also stated that the individual called her and admitted that he fled from police," said Gaglione.pursuit

The suspect is believed to be heading to Rockford, Illinois where he has friends. Police there are now looking for him. Chief Gaglione says you have rights if you are ever suspicious about someone impersonating an officer.

Big Bend Police Department

Big Bend Police Department

"If for some reason your 'spidey-senses' are telling you something is wrong you can always ask the officer through the window, 'can you call for a uniform squad to respond,' if it's an unmarked squad and an officer in plain clothes," said Gaglione.

Police have referred fleeing from police charges to the Waukesha County District Attorney. The investigation is ongoing.


  • Opinion8d

    Well I’m glad to hear the ‘rest of the story’! I was shocked they wouldn’t pursue at first, but since they know who it is, that makes sense.

  • Appalling

    The idiots who buy these two retired police vehicles are of all the same problem personality types. Loose and dirt bag

  • Andy

    Chief Donald Gaglione, or David Gaglione? Or does the chief like news channels to keep the readers guessing? Nice editing on this story TMJ 4!

  • Chrisco

    I got pulled over by a Waukesha County Sheriff detective. I deserved to be pulled over for running a stop sign. He asked me if I would like a uniformed Deputy to be on the scene. I said he did not have to. I got my ticket and we just had a nice quick conversation.

  • Watch dog

    The government should not sell these old behemoths to the public anyways. Crush that old tired iron. Hopefully during this guy’s next run in with the law he crashes into a bridge support and is fatally prosecuted.

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