Plow driver finds young boy wandering street; “he was only dressed in his onesie pajamas”

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WEST ALLIS -- A snow plow driver on his way home after working on icy roads sees something unexpected near the road in West Allis. It was 3:00 a.m. and he could hardly believe it -- a small child wandering and crying, wearing only pajamas.

West AllisWest Allis police confirm for FOX6 News that early on Wednesday, February 1st, a little boy was found wandering near 116th and Greenfield Ave.

"I was about thirty yards away and I could make out it was a little boy," said Joey Blaskowski.

Blaskowski agreed to speak with FOX6 News on the phone.

"I could see he was only dressed in his onesie pajamas. And once I got out of my car, I heard he was crying and screaming for his mom. I calmed him down and I wasn't going to let him sit in the cold. If he wanted to sit in my warm car, he could," Blaskowski said.

Plow driver finds child

Blaskowski snapped a picture of himself with the boy. We blurred the picture to protect the boy's privacy. But the child was smiling.

"I knew I wasn't going to hurt the child, but it could have been anybody who found him," Blaskowski said.

There were other dangers. The boy's pajamas were wet with snow and the temperatures were below freezing. But the boy also told Blaskowski that in order to find his mom and his home, he was about to go into the woods.

"In about two minutes, he would have been in a weird spot in the middle of a forest in his pajamas. So I'm glad I found him because if not, I feel like he would have been in a bad predicament," Blaskowski said.

West Allis

Instead, the two talked while Blaskowski called police.

"He said his mom went to Walmart. And so he was home alone and he was running after his mother to find the Walmart outside -- and that was all," Blaskowski said.

The mother had already called police and the two were reunited.

Joey BlaskowskiOn a cold night, Joey Blaskowski left with the warmest feeling.

"I didn't want a three-year-old boy crying for his mother all alone at three o'clock in the morning," Blaskowski said.

West Allis police say the boy was four years old. Their investigation showed the child was left with a sibling who was age appropriate to watch him. However, the boy left his bed and headed out without her knowledge.

There will not be any charges. It's just a bad situation that ended well.

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