Officials on the lookout for drunk drivers on Super Bowl Sunday: “Don`t bring the party behind the wheel”

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Super Bowl Sunday is a busy night for law enforcement officials -- working overtime to keep you safe on the road.

"Don`t bring the party behind the wheel and out onto the road. We're out there to deal with those situations accordingly," Nicholas Lorenzen, trooper with the Wisconsin State Patrol said.

It was expected to be a busy Sunday night, February 5th for law enforcement.

Drunk driving

"Some troopers that are on overtime, other law enforcement agencies, sheriff's departments, municipalities everybody on he same page and looking for the same things," Lorenzen said.

Officials were set to hit the road, on the lookout for impaired drivers. Authorities likened football's biggest night to popular drinking holidays like New Year's Eve. Even motorists said they would be taking extra precautions on the road.

Nicholas Lorenzen

Nicholas Lorenzen

"Just be really aware, maybe not listen to my music. Just be more aware of what`s going on on the road like I would on New Year's Eve," Elizabeth Baker said.

"I consider myself a pretty safe driver. I try to distance myself from a lot of drivers, so I'm not in the middle, zipping in and out, especially with a family. I try to keep an eye out for everybody," a driver said.

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Drunk driving

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