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One of Wisconsin’s Most Wanted, captured by US Marshals, given $500 cash bond, still in jail

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE -- One of Wisconsin's Most Wanted, quickly captured by US Marshals after FOX6 News told you about him on Friday, February 3rd has been given a $500 cash bond in court in Milwaukee County.

26-year-old Kevin Robinson faces the following charges, filed in October of 2016:

  • Trafficking of a child -- two counts
  • Kidnapping/carrying without consent
  • Burglary, armed with a dangerous weapon
  • Armed robbery with threat of force
Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson

Robinson was in court on Sunday, February 5th after he was captured by US Marshals after a tip came in from a FOX6 News viewer. Probable cause was found for further proceedings in this case, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for February 13th.

Cash bond was set at $500.

US Marshals said Robinson was running an illegal prostitution network throughout Wisconsin. According to a criminal complaint, prosecutors allege Robinson used to engage in the prostitution scheme.

After a joint investigation involving federal, state and Milwaukee agencies, Robinson was formally charged. It's believed Robinson befriended vulnerable, young woman across the state and then manipulated and sometimes threatened them to perform sex acts with clients he solicited.

Motel 6 in Oak Creek

Motel 6 in Oak Creek

In December of 2015, police say Robinson told a 15-year-old girl he could "help her get money." He allegedly met with her and another adult at the Motel 6 in Oak Creek. Prosecutors say alcohol and marijuana were taken to the hotel room, and a man paid $200 for sex acts.

Robinson is also alleged to have been involved in similar activity in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Sheboygan and Milwaukee.

Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson

Court documents reveal the 15-year-old girl later told authorities she recognized Robinson as a "local celebrity" from rap videos on YouTube.

Agents said through interviews with victims, it's believed Robinson was becoming increasingly aggressive toward the women in his network.  Some victims described fearing retribution if they didn't do what Robinson commanded.

As of Monday afternoon, Robinson remained in custody.

FOX6 News reached out to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office and the court commissioner who set bond, and we have not yet heard back.


    • Myra Robbins

      Stay at home mom Kelly Richards from New York after resigning from her full time job managed to average from $6000-$8000 a month from freelancing at home… This is how she done

  • bailey

    Well done….it’s clear that human trafficking has become a huge issue in milwaukee and then add on kidnapping, burglary and armed robbery (all major felonies) and you give him $500? He’s a pimp, of course he gonna post. If he was on the run for this long, clearly can’t expect him to show for any upcoming court appearances. They need to do a complete overhaul on milwaukee judges.

    • sherry

      Child trafficking is big buisness in Washington just check out the finders very scary stuff they are cia affiliated .

  • Terry Sielaff

    The pos judge is joe donald, per simple case search. I didn’t capitalize his name because that would show respect that I dont have for this idiot.

    • Ed Zackley

      Actually, the case is only assigned to Judge Donald’s calendar. The bail was set by a judicial court commissioner in Intake Court. Another commissioner will hear the Preliminary hearing on the next date. Judge Donald will first see Robinson on the Pretrial date.

    • Derp

      Way to not know the difference between a court commissioner and a judge. You sat there like a moron angrily typing about the wrong person. Do everyone a favor and don’t comment on things your tiny brain can’t even comprehend.

      • sherry

        To be fair this article has been updated three times even the headline has changed I totally get why this person was upset about the bond being set at $500 dollars , when someone isn’t familiar with court proceedings this is the response they would have .

      • sherry

        This guy has been involved in child pandering since 2015 I’m sure he has an appointed judge residing over this case . Court commissioner would have have some knowledge of this case I still think this bail is ridiculously low who ever set it is a complete ass .

      • Derp

        Yes, someone not understanding court proceedings and lashing out is called a “knee-jerk reaction”, hence why he was stupid in the first place. You don’t seem to comprehend court proceedings at all either. If he has related criminal history dating back to 2015, you think one judge would be appointed to him the whole time? You do know judges rotate, right? They can go to non-criminal courts, retire, etc. If you even knew how to read CCAP, you’d see the 2015 case you’re referring to has a completely different judge from his current case. You too, should not comment on things you know nothing about.

      • sherry

        Um DERP is it ? I’m not looking to argue but if you read what I said ” I said this case ” and I don’t have to look on CCAP to see this poor soul is a serial criminal @ the ripe old age old age of 26 . Have a nice day .

  • yourlogicisnotlogic

    WTF! Please tell me something is missing form this article. I imagine the man hours and money spent tracking this criminal was well passed $500. “Trafficking of a child — two counts” should have cost him any bail. Seriously was the Judge a client? You pretend to care about Milwaukee and how black lives matter but then you decide this guy deserves a second chance, to do what, traffic more children.

    • Ed Zackley

      The sole purpose of bail is to be a reasonable incentive for a defendant to return to court. Nothing more. That is established law. The Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution provides: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”. You’re all about the Constitution, aren’t you?

      • sherry

        Look I don’t want anyone being treated unfairly but it’s stated charges were filed he skipped and ends up on Wisconsin most wanted list that tells me he “is” a risk .. please 500 bucks he’s pimping these kids and moving across state lines . It’s obvious to me and I would hope others .

      • Str8shooter

        You are partially correct. The main purpose is to ensure a defendant will appear in court but other things that are allowed to be taken into consideration is the need for the public to be protected (these are violent offenses), the likelyhood they won’t return to court (he remained on the run while being on the most wanted) and the prison time they are facing. So yes you’re correct in addition to a few more things.

    • michael matthews

      something is missing.

      the $500 is just the opening request. $150,000 is what was agreed upon. fox didn’t follow up.

  • sherry

    It looks to me he has spent some time already he’s covered in tats I am guessing jail tats probably more likely . I wonder what he was in for ?

  • Opinion8d

    This is where you wish some anonymous donor paid his bail and then gave him a ride to see his maker……

  • No justice

    Does it surprise you?It mentions the D.A. People put so much effort in marches and calling for help from everyone. All it’s going to take is for someone to get a petition going to oust the mayor D.A. and police chief. If you hired a contractor and he bailed on you I can bet you would fire him. Yet we complain and march to no avail. The only way to get the city moving in the right direction is to oust these three do nothings. They have done nothing for the people of this city. All three are comfortable in their positions.People wake up and get rid of the three blind mice,a better city will be our future and we can again say Milwaukee talk it up!!!

  • Sal

    He’s on the list of motivational speakers at his high school mentors program. He will touch on bail bonding, life in the jail and a quick regional cuisine lesson for felons.

  • Devon

    Even if his bail was 5 dollares nine times out of ten he is on parole or probation in a violation of probation hold vop will keep him locked up most definitely till he gets life for mesaing with underage girls smfh

  • i'llbeU

    I wonder if they treat child traffickers the same as child diddlers in prison ? If not they sure as hell should .

  • Diane Kirsch

    Who the sam hill is setting the bond amounts?! Throw him/her in jail for this travesty of justice..’innocent until proven guilty’, yeah, i get that…but the jerk was on the most wanted list! Does that not account for anything? What if he pimped out yours? Slam him with a $1,000,000.00 bond! Geeze! No wonder Milwaukee is getting like Detroit! Chicago! C’mon, man~! We should be protesting in the streets to get this Judge off the bench…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AL Rivera


  • michael matthews

    the $500 bond was just the request. the prosecution countered and was granted $150,000.

    nice reporting. you should have stayed for the next response.

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