Wholesale florists distribute millions of flowers to local shops ahead of Valentine’s Day

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MILWAUKEE -- With Valentine's Day fast approaching, this is the week wholesale florists distribute millions of flowers to local shops. And from there, they're turned into beautiful bouquets. Carl spent the morning at Karthauser & Sons Wholesale Florists, getting a look at all the facets of the process for us.

About Karthauser & Sons Wholesale Florists (website)

In the fall of 1957 Otto, Jerry and Neal Karthauser had an opportunity to purchase the Robert Possale Greenhouse in Brown Deer, WI and subsequently, Karthauser & Sons Inc. was born.

With early years of hard work and dedication, the business thrived, and over 50 years later Karthauser & Sons has become a well-respected and vital part of southeastern Wisconsin's growing industry.

In 1985, Karthauser & Sons began construction on its current location in Germantown, WI and two years later were able to set up shop in the 180,000 square foot facility. In 2004, Karthauser & Sons developed a cut flower and growing products operation which has diversified their product line and reinvigorated their business.

With Otto's passing and Jerry's retirement, Neal and his son Brian, along with their General Manager Gregg Wilke, are currently running the company. Between these three men there is an impressive 100 years of experience in the commercial flower industry.