Wisconsin Democrats urge GOP to hold pot referendum

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MADISON — Democratic lawmakers are calling on Republicans to let the public weigh in on whether Wisconsin should join 28 other states that have legalized medical marijuana.

Rep. Chris Taylor and Sen. Jon Erpenbach have introduced a bill that would let Wisconsin residents vote in an advisory referendum on whether marijuana should be legalized for medical use. They’ve introduced another bill that would actually legalize the drug for that purpose.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, a Juneau Republican, has said he’ll never support legalizing medical marijuana.

Regardless, Taylor and Erpenbach tried to drum up support for their bills at a news conference Monday, telling reporters that the state is failing sick people by not letting them use marijuana. They said Republican leaders should at least ask the public what it wants.


  • Westly

    What’s the hold up its proven to cause little to no harm to ones self. Wisconsin is losing out on revenue we can use and Wisconsin could use this

  • Chris

    As a conservative I am 100% in favor of this, let’s get re done!!!! In personal experience a lil herb is a lot better for the body mind and soul than alcohol could Ever be.

  • The Nanny State

    Wisconsin makes more money keeping you drunk and hooked on pain pills. LIQUOR LOBBY AND BIG PHARMA routinely gives suitcases full of cash. It’s 2017 – the time for lies is over.

  • The Nanny State

    “KANNA BOSOM” (Cannabis) is in the bible. It was used as a sacred anointing oil of some guy we all like to make statues of him suffering on the cross. BTW if Jesus comes back do you think he’ll want to see a bunch of crosses? I hope I’ve given you enough hints here. If you can’t Google this there’s no hope for you.

  • The Nanny State

    Cannabis was one of the main ingredients of the ancient anointing oil and receiving this oil is what made Jesus the Christ and his followers Christians. Persecuting those who use cannabis is considered anti-Christ.

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