Bay View Printing Company is a community design and letterpress print shop

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MILWAUKEE -- Kramp spent the morning at Bay View Printing Company. Bay View Painting Company is a community design and letterpress print shop. During the day they print impressions on paper -- and and at night they offer classes to teach the community their techniques.

About Bay View Printing Company (website)

Just for a minute. To think about words like we used to. To remember a time when they meant so very much. Before 140 characters dictated the volume of our thoughts. Before texting and email replaced love letters. Let’s go back to a time when we took great care of our words. When language was an art form.

At Bay View Printing Company, that's what we do every day. We use our hands, hearts, brains and our old school design and printing methods to make stuff and to teach you how to do the same. We're a community design & letterpress print shop and we wear a few hats. Simply put, we spend our days crafting one-of-a-kind impressions on paper and our nights opening up our type drawers and teaching you how to do the same.

Please, take a minute, slow down and allow us to really introduce ourselves. We'd love to meet you.