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City of Racine vacating building on Machinery Row; Racine Baseball Cooperative may lose its home

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RACINE -- City leaders in Racine are shutting down a building on Machinery Row, which means a beloved baseball cooperative might be losing its home.

The city is vacating the entire building due to safety concerns after city inspectors found roof collapses in two area.

Building on Machinery Row in Racine

Citizens and members of the Racine Baseball Cooperative said the part of the building they are located in is safe, but city inspectors disagree.

Racine Baseball Cooperative

Racine Baseball Cooperative

City leaders heard arguments at a packed public meeting Tuesday, February 7th.

Public meeting regarding Racine Baseball Cooperative

Public meeting regarding Racine Baseball Cooperative

"I know most of you have never been to our place. The first thing you see when you walk up is a sign -- 'Welcome to a Little Piece of Heaven,' and when you open door you will realize what that meant," Jack Schiestle said.

"Kids have access to these areas no matter what. We've gotta protect them, so first things first, we've gotta secure the building to figure out what to do next," Racine Mayor John Dickert said.

Members of the Racine Baseball Cooperative are asking for more time before they're forced to leave.