Convicted sex offender to be released in Waukesha; 29-year-old Thomas Kopp will be homeless

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WAUKESHA — The Waukesha Police Department is notifying neighbors of the release of a registered sex offender. 29-year-old Thomas Kopp will be released and will be homeless.

Kopp was convicted of possession of child pornography. He has served the prison sentence imposed on him by the courts.

Kopp will be a life registrant with the sex offender registry and will be submitting to face-to-face registration with law enforcement. He is to have no unsupervised contact with minors, no taverns/bars/liquor stores, no contact with victim and not to purchase/possess or consume alcohol or illegal drugs.

He is to comply with sex offender rules and will be on G.P.S. monitoring while under supervision.


    • Stove

      I agree with that.I understand there is a whole community of these types of people in Florida. That way they are monitored better and away from the general population.

  • Jamie

    He IS NOT living at this address!!! We do not allow SBN’s to reside at our property. Someone made a mistake and should fix his address. Also 534 is an office building!

  • S

    Homeless & wandering the streets, where he’ll grow more bitter by the day, eventually becoming angry enough to escalate his behavior and rape & murder a defenseless child. They need to open Alcatraz or find some remote island for sex offenders & let them live their days away from society.

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