Mayor Barrett signs resolution in opposition to President Trump’s executive order on immigration

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MILWAUKEE -- Local refugee groups united Tuesday, February 7th as three federal judges grilled lawyers from the Justice Department and Washington state -- as they determine whether to lift a nationwide halt against President Donald Trump's travel ban against citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Tuesday night assured people that in Milwaukee, immigrants will be safe. City leaders took a major stand against President Trump's executive order on immigration, and immigrants and refugees were able to share their stories.

Raul Ortiz

Raul Ortiz

"I am a refugee from Honduras," Raul Ortiz said.

Eight-year-old Ortiz received a standing ovation after he shared his story of coming to America, and he wasn't the only one.

A Syrian refugee wishing to remain hidden said he hopes others get the same chance he did.

"He just hopes they'll have the opportunity to come to America and be greeted with open arms like he was," a translator said on behalf of the refugee.

Milwaukee Gathers in Unity for Human Dignity

Milwaukee Gathers in Unity for Human Dignity

The event, called "Milwaukee Gathers in Unity for Human Dignity" drew dozens of people eager to take on President Trump's executive order on immigration. Milwaukee leaders spoke out and took action. Mayor Barrett signed a resolution against President Trump's executive order, approved by 13 of 15 Milwaukee aldermen earlier Tuesday. The resolution was authored by Alderman Jose Perez.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Immigration ban

"I'm proud to sign this with the help of people who love this nation," Barrett said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett signs resolution in opposition to Pres. Trump's executive order on immigration

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett signs resolution in opposition to Pres. Trump's executive order on immigration

Alderman Bob Donovan voted against the measure.

Alderman Bob Donovan

Alderman Bob Donovan

"We want to be a welcoming country, but we also have an obligation to ensure the safety in this very dangerous world. The safety of all of our citizens," Donovan said.

Alderman Perez issued the following statement after his resolution was approved Tuesday:

I want to thank my Common Council colleagues for their overwhelming support today in approving my resolution for immediate adoption -- Resolution expressing the City of Milwaukee’s opposition to Presidential Executive Order 13769: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.

According to the Legislative Reference Bureau, Milwaukee could be the first city in the U.S. to officially declare its opposition to the travel ban.

The 13-2 vote to approve the resolution shows that while we may disagree on some issues, as a Council we are strongly united in our firm belief that the travel ban order is wrong, divisive, and that it is not based on facts but instead plays on our worst fears and paranoia.

I especially want to thank my partnering co-sponsors – Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs and Alderwoman Chantia Lewis – and the colleagues who have also joined on today as additional sponsors: Alderman Robert J. Bauman, Alderman Nik Kovac, Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Alderman Khalif J. Rainey, Alderman Michael J. Murphy, Alderman Cavalier Johnson, Alderman Russell W. Stamper, II, Alderman Jim Bohl, and Alderman Tony Zielinski.

There were at least a dozen groups and organizations behind the event Tuesday evening.


  • Opinion8d

    What an embarrassment the Democrats are!!!! “I vote to care less about American Citizens than I do illegal aliens!!!” -Really?!?!? “Yes, I know you pay taxes as a citizen, but I’m going to give that money to people who are here illegally and don’t pay the same taxes” -who can honestly say that makes any sense?? Or ‘I take an oath of office to uphold the laws, but only the ones that I think are appropriate.” My GOD!!!

  • Paul

    Blood will be on their hands when the first illegal kills somebody or the guy in Waukesha who was deported twice and now is accused of raping a 15 year old. What about her rights to be safe Mayor Barrett? Alderman Perez? Let us hear you defend his rights to steal the innocence of a teen.

    • Opinion8d

      @sometimesarose – Paul is using the recent publicized incident in Waukesha as an example or what can happen. And you can bet things similar events are already happening in Milwaukee, but just not being publicized. Anyone who want to protect illegals should go about it the legal way – pass a law or amendment to the Constitution that addresses this issue. It’s not okay for those who take an OATH to protect and uphold the laws to simply pick and choose how ‘compassionate’ they want to be. Could you imagine if police were supposed to look the other way at domestic abuse because they think a man has a right to hit a woman?!?!

  • Sal

    Crime in this city is out of control along with stadium taxes, wheel taxes, water bills, real estate taxes, registration taxes and CRIME. This is what we get from the democrats a damn resolution, really??

  • mkenorthshore

    Mayor and Council can’t solve Milwaukee problems, so they feign omniscience, and vote to support melting national snowflakes. IDIOTS.

  • Libsareliars

    Mayor 3 time loser for governor seems to have his priorities backwards but what else would you expect from a do nothing idiot.

  • justsayin

    There it is- his signature declaring his belief that non-citizens shall have the same or more benefits than citizens, no matter what the law says.

  • Anthony W Sleck

    At some point in time. Everyone needs to understand that this is not a permanent ban on anyone. It has a time frame so we can figure out who is coming into our country. So many of you can’t comprehend that. As far as crying about all immigrants being deported. The POYUS never said anything like that. I agree that illegals should be deported. But if someone has gone through the legal process of becoming a citizen, that is fine. But when we have illegals here. They are taking jobs and or are living off the government. Which is where our tax dollars go. It seems like it is easier for them to get help and money from the government, than it is for our homeless veterans that fought to protect us. That is just wrong. If you’re not legal. You need to go.

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