“I guess I did it too hard:” Former Oak Creek daycare employee accused of fracturing infant’s arms

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OAK CREEK -- A former daycare worker is accused of fracturing the arms of a five-month-old baby. The incident occurred in October of 2016. FOX6 News spoke with the attorney for Angela and Jeff Hall -- the parents of the then five-month-old baby. They said this situation has been a nightmare for the family.

Stephanie McPherson

Stephanie McPherson

It was business as usual at the Children of America daycare in Oak Creek Wednesday, February 8th, but FOX6 News learned the facility is operating without a license.

Documents show the license was revoked in December of 2016, after 34-year-old daycare worker, Stephanie McPherson, was accused of child abuse. She allegedly broke the arms of a then five-month-old baby.

An attorney representing the baby and her parents told FOX6 News the child has not fully recovered.

"As you can imagine, this is every parent's worst nightmare -- to drop off your child at daycare and then pick up your child and have to find out that something terrible has happened," said Attorney Jason Abraham.

According to a criminal complaint, on October 3rd, the baby's mother, Angela Hall, noticed every time her baby's arms were touched, she cried out. She took the baby to Children's Hospital where she was diagnosed with two bone fractures that could have occurred from "bending, twisting or yanking of the arm."

Children for America

Children of America

McPherson told investigators she was playing with the baby in a rocking chair and twisting her around. When she was told this caused the child's injuries she said, "I guess I did it too hard and didn't realize it."

The baby's parents find this hard to believe, as the injuries were so severe the baby needed to be in a cast for weeks.

Children of America daycare in Oak Creek

Children of America daycare in Oak Creek

"The bottom line is, this could never have happened that way. Anybody would have known immediately," said Abraham.

FOX6 News tried to speak with McPherson about the allegations against her, but she wasn't home to comment.

She did tell investigators on October 3rd, "she probably had a breakdown" because she was dealing with new parents and new children -- making it stressful and overwhelming.

Children of America daycare in Oak Creek

Children of America daycare in Oak Creek

The facility is allowed to stay open because they have appealed the revocation of their license. According to the law, as long as there is no immediate threat to the children, the facility can remain open during the appeals process.

This was confirmed by the attorney representing the daycare. They made no further comment.


  • Justine

    What would happen if the baby never fully recovers. She told the excuse of “I was just playing with her” well you broke her TWO TIMES TWO FRACTURES. Anyone can tell that it is not what really happend and she has some major anger issues. I don’t understand how they could not have seen this coming what if she had done this to your child what would you have done? If it was my little 5 MONTH OLD LITTLE BABY I think I would be the one going to jail. I hope she goes to jail. What will happen to this little baby. She could be really injured if she doesn’t heal how she should.

  • Sam Williams

    Boy if that mug shot doesn’t have “guilty” written all over it……

    If able, please not only charge this woman with child abuse, but throw the book at her. Hope the parents follow up with a hefty civil suit. They will win. Baby breaker has no money, but civil suit will ensure she never does and will further expose her for the monster she is. Just thinking how that baby must have cried when it happened is gut-wrenching!

  • Deadpan

    I will be more than happy to eat my words at a later date, if I turn out to be wrong, but “guilty” is not the look on this woman’s face. That is embarrassment and shame – you can tell she has been crying. I can, honestly, believe that she did not mean to hurt this little girl. I am sure that she realized at some point that she might have hurt her but most likely did not realize the severity of it. Even this child’s own mother didn’t realize for a while that her daughter was hurt – how do you think that this would know? A 5 month old’s bone are like toothpicks; they were fractures – could you people please look stuff up? It is truly a terrible thing but I have a hard time buying that she intentionally broke a 5 month old’s arms, knew it, and just went about her day. I am willing to give this woman the benefit of the doubt here unless something otherwise surfaces that indicates that woman is more monster than moron. Your comments, below, are just freaking ridiculous and you should be ashamed of yourself for immediately assuming the worst when it might have been accident. Grow up. Whether or not this woman is guilty of stupidity or actually a threat to infants, I really hope that (based on your comments) when you do something wrong you are treated as guilty before there are facts.

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