Juror accused of bailing during deliberations sentenced; court officials gear up for brand new trial

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County judge sentenced a 20-year-old woman on Wednesday, February 8th for allegedly bailing on a jury she had been a part of. The woman was arrested after turning herself in to authorities. She spent two nights in jail.

James Faustmann

James Faustmann

Officials said it was an emotional two-day trial involving James Faustmann, accused of using his computer to make death threats against prominent Milwaukee attorneys -- including David Gruber and Frank Gimbel.

Faustmann is to appear in court in Racine County this month regarding similar alleged threats to Governor Scott Walker.

But in Milwaukee County, the jury heard the case and started deliberating, but went home for the night -- set to return the next morning.

Amanda Dunham

Amanda Dunham

Officials said one juror, 20-year-old Amanda Dunham, never came back. The judge had to declare a mistrial -- and court officials were not happy. Reportedly, neither were the other 11 jurors.

"You have the cost with respect to the state of Wisconsin and the District Attorney's Office. You have our office staff's time, the judge's time," said John Barrett, Milwaukee County clerk of courts.

So where was the missing juror? Texts from that day asked the same question.

"Ms. Dunham, this is your bailiff. We are getting concerned for your well being. Please call the court," the text message read.

"I locked my keys in the car and am getting there as soon as I can," Dunham said.

Milwaukee County court

The bailiff offered to pick Dunham up, but there was no response. There was also no response to another text telling the juror there would be a warrant out for her arrest.

Earlier this week, Dunham turned herself in and appeared in court. She told the court her phone died that day. The judge fined her $250 or 25 hours of community service.

Amanda Dunham

Amanda Dunham

FOX6 News was there when Dunham was released from jail. When asked if she wanted to tell her side of the story, she said "no" -- she just wanted to smoke a cigarette.

The man accused in connection with the computer threats will have a new trial in May. The court will start from scratch with a new jury.


    • Metal Maniac

      Your job is supposed to pay you to go to jury duty minus anything the court pays. So really there is no excuse to miss it. This child clearly feels entitled to something every US citizen has a responsibility to do if they are called upon.

      • glacier1

        “Your job is supposed to pay you to go to jury duty”. Really? Look up FLSA.Jury Duty. Employers are not required to compensate. However, in this state, some government sector jobs have policies that compensates a portion of the lost wages. In the end, and something that is likely no longer discussed in school anymore, is that serving jury duty is a condition of US citizenship. Period!


  • Daniel W.

    Typical liberal democrat. A millenial no less. This is what you get when you depend on citizens that live in a Democratic city. But why even have a trial? The Liberal judge is only going to slap him on the wrist no matter what the jury finds anyway. Tax money wasted, no one learns anything, time wasted, and the guy goes back to doing exactly what put him in this place.

  • John

    And we let some idiot like this who couldn’t care less about going to jury duty or respect the process decide someone’s guilt or innocence?

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