“Milwaukee Water Protectors” protest Dakota Access Pipeline outside Wells Fargo bank

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MILWAUKEE -- A group of about 20 people marched outside Wells Fargo in downtown Milwaukee Wednesday, February 8th -- protesting the bank's involvement in the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The group "Milwaukee Water Protectors" organized the demonstration.

They said they're upset President Donald Trump and the Army Corps of Engineers granted an easement for the pipeline, which will skip a study looking into its environmental impact.

Wells Fargo is one of 17 banks that have granted loans to the pipeline developers.

"What were trying to do here is to get all investors to divest out of all the banks that are funding the Dakota Access Pipeline -- Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, all the banks that have invested and are loaning out money to the Dakota Access Pipeline people," Colleen Kennedy with Milwaukee Water Protectors said.

Wells Fargo issued the following statement:

"While Wells Fargo fully respects concerns being expressed, as with other financing agreements, the bank is legally obligated to satisfy the requirements as a lender if all conditions of the credit agreement are met."


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