Overwhelmingly APPROVED: Wisconsin Senate passes marijuana extract bill

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Hemp oil and cannabis leaf isolated on white background. Healthy cannabis oil.

MADISON — The state Senate has overwhelmingly approved a bill that would make it legal to use a marijuana extract to treat seizures.

The measure legalizes possession of cannabidiol oil with a doctor’s certification. The chamber adopted the bill on a 31-1 vote Wednesday, February 8th. Republican Sen. Duey Stroebel was the only senator to vote against it.

Parents of children who suffer from seizures say cannabidiol oil, which doesn’t produce a high, can ease symptoms.

Democratic Sen. Chris Larson argued the bill doesn’t go far enough, pointing out that importing the oil into Wisconsin would remain illegal. He tried to amend the bill to allow production of the oil in the state but Republicans refused to revise the measure.

The bill goes next to the Assembly.


  • lovin2017sofar

    Don’t think dope smoking, drinking to excess, abusing any drugs is right, but I am 100% for medicinal marijuana, If it can help stop seizures,

    • Gary

      Dorsn’t mattet what you think. People are doing all of it whether you, I or anyone else agrees with it or approves. The key is having a safe, regulated market vs the violent wild west created by failed prohibition policies, just like it did during alcohol prohibition. What put the gangsters out of bysiness then? Was it police? Was it laws? No! We re-legalized alcohol abd taxed and regulated it, just like we should do with cannabis.

    • Gary

      Nobody smokes anything anymore they eat edibles, drink cannabis infysed sodas, use oils transdermally, micro-dose with pills and use vaporizers which reduce smoke by 97%. Nobody calls it “dope” either except maybe old timey rot gut liquor drinking drunkards

  • drewboyy

    CBD oil is NOT psychoactive and NOT addictive. That said, why would you need a “doctors certification”? This stuff is harmless, unless your a drug company…

  • Gary

    Meanwhile Minnesota is moving to legalize marijuana outright for responsible adult use! But in Wisconsin, Republicans are getting their undies all up in a big ol’ bundle over nonpsychoactive CBD oil for kids with epilepsy. Lol. Wisconsin sucks!

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