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Take the stress our of your celebration: The best ways to handle Valentine’s Day

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MILWAUKEE -- For some, Valentine's Day is full of love and warm fuzzies. For others, it's a full on panic attack. Whether you're single or in a relationship, celebrating this holiday can be stressful -- which is why local matchmaker Julie Amann from It's Just Lunch is here with her Valentine's Day survival kit.

Show Others Love
• Instead of focusing on the 'love' you don`t think you have in your life -- refocus your attention on the love you do.
• Show your family, friends, co-workers how much you care about them.
• Volunteer, do charity work, or share random acts of kindness. For instance -- buy coffee for the cute guy in line behind you at Starbucks!
• Or even help out your 'coupled' friends by babysitting so they can have a night out. Showing others love is a great way to bust out of your pity party!

Reinterpret the Day
• After you`re done showing others love, turn your attention to yourself and reinterpret the day!
• Look at it as a day to treat and love yourself -- buy yourself flowers or book a spa day!
• Do something out of the ordinary that makes you feel special.
• This is also a good tip for couples -- especially those who feel the pressure to make it 'the end all, be all' of holidays. Decide as a couple on how to make it special for the two of you and not what society or romantic movies say you have to do.

Focus on 'Doing', Not 'Dollars'
• Remember -- focus on doing, not dollars!
• It`s about quality time together, not expensive gifts and dinners.
• There are plenty of wonderful and affordable things to do around Milwaukee that are also romantic.

  • Coffee date! Skipping the dinner and meeting for dessert and coffee.
  • Bowling!
  • Bookstore date. Barnes and Noble or something local to browse together and get to know each other`s interests!
  • Cooking class at Sur La Table. I recently saw couple doing this on a recent trip and they were having a blast. The price was right too.
  • Haunted ghost tour.


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