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Wisconsin lawmakers propose ending daylight saving time

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MADISON — Two Republican lawmakers want to make the sun set earlier in the summer.

Reps. Samantha Kerkman, of Salem, and Michael Schraa, of Oshkosh, introduced a bill Friday that would eliminate daylight saving time in Wisconsin. The move would mean state residents would no longer have to move their clocks ahead an hour in the spring or back an hour in the fall as the country shifts back to standard time. That would mean the summer sun would appear to rise and set earlier.

Kerkman and Schraa said in a news release that the change would save people the hour of sleep they lose in the spring. The time change also causes general confusion and forces kids to go to school in the dark, they added. Kerkman said in a phone interview that a number of constituents have contacted her to tell her the time change is frustrating.

“People definitely have an opinion about this,” Kerkman said. “I wish I could create more sunshine, but I can’t.”

Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe daylight saving time. Kerkman and Schraa said in a memo they sent to colleagues Friday seeking co-sponsors that eight states introduced similar legislation that would do away with daylight saving time this year.

“We often see stress and confusion associated with moving the clocks twice a year,” the legislators wrote. “A full repeal of daylight saving time would eliminate that stress, take possible tolls off of people’s bodies and make more sense year round.”

Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March and ends at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday in November. Wisconsin residents adopted it in 1957 through a statewide referendum.

Kerkman and Schraa gave their fellow lawmakers until Feb. 24 to sign onto the bill. Spokeswomen for Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment on the bill’s chances.


  • Jason Slutzky

    Say goodbye to little league baseball and summer golf leagues. Maybe politics can just ruin everything. I hope these two “lawmakers” lose their jobs and get run out of our states. Go sell stupid somewhere else.

  • Dk9

    What a waste of time when they should be dealing with jobs, transportation funding, etc. I look forward to it being light outside until late in the evening. People who don’t get home from work until 6 pm look forward to having time to do yard work or even enjoy recreational activities in the evening. Of course these people wouldn’t understand what it’s like to work a full day or week…..

  • Buzz

    We’re going to change the daylight savings law because people lose an hour of sleep in the spring? Seriously? You lose ONE HOUR OF SLEEP PER YEAR, so we need to get rid of daylight savings time? Do people not realize that we GET THAT HOUR OF SLEEP BACK IN THE FALL?
    In the summer, do we really want the sun to start to rise at FOUR O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING?
    Without a doubt, the world is rapidly getting more stupid.

  • Korse

    I love daylight savings. I look forward to the “spring ahead” day more than my own birthday. If anything they should just keep the summer daylight savings time year round.

  • Lanora Swisher

    A solution for eveyone:
    Spring ahead only 30 minutes or fall back 30 minutes not 60.
    Now stop daylight savings time. Simple solution for everone for and against this issue. If we as a nation can’t get together on this simple solution then we are in trouble.

    • Mark Bergman

      There are many businesses that make the majority of their money in the summer. As a golf course owner, I need that extra hour of light. Daylight Savings Time benefits summer recreation, and those who are employed in that industry.

  • Brent Wambold

    Daylight early in the morning during the summer would allow grounds crews to get estates and golf courses cleaned up before people see them, however, it would also mean the sun going down much earlier than we are used to… no more backyard parties with daylight until 8:30 p.m. Not to mention our farm families who rely upon their kids coming home from school in spring and fall to help on the farm – IN THE LIGHT – ! Keep it !!

  • Gloria

    Let’s have Daylight savings time year round and people won’t have to deal with the ‘stress’ of changing their clocks twice a year.

  • Chester Bukowski

    Stress and confusion? Really? The people that complain about changing the clocks will complain about everything.

  • Vicky

    Man up, it one hour! This is the most stupid bill I have ever heard of, I love having more daylight hours in the evening. Get rid of standard time and keep DST. Lets start focusing on the real issues people!

  • time lost

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This idea was tried back in the 1970s or 1980s. It failed because people generally like late summer light, hate having their kids going to school in the dark, and tourism suffers when people leave businesses early, or don’t come to the state in the first place. Clearly the 2 legislators who propose this silly idea are too young to remember, and are willing to subject us to this disaster once again.

  • Laura

    So your kids go to school in the dark, then they sit in a classroom for most of the day. Then they come home from school and have the opportunity to Play outside and do other activities than sit in the house on the computer or with electronic games in their hands. Go ahead Change the time for the whiners that are unable to cope. Just because time changes at 2 it does not mean that you have to get up at 200 am and change your clocks do it the night before when you go to be or when you get up in the morning. I would bet that over half of those complaining all use a cell phone for their alarm with has anatomic time and it changes itself. Let the Kids and Adults continue to go to school and work in the dark in the morning and come home to daylight in the evening. There are so many other things that our state should be worried about but this is what they choose to fix first. Something that would make their life a little bit easier. Pathetic.

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