“Had to rip our kids from the car:” Sisters carjacked at Bayshore Town Center in broad daylight

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GLENDALE -- Two sisters are carjacked at Bayshore Town Center. The incident happened Friday, February 10th and the women had their five children with them. The women were getting ready for an afternoon of shopping, when a man held a gun at them and demanded their vehicle.

Bayshore Town Center carjacking

Bayshore Town Center carjacking

"Never did we think this was going to happen," said one of the women. "I don't think you could ever be prepared for something like this."

Around 11:30 a.m. Friday, as they exited from their Chevy Suburban in the Kohl's parking lot next to Guaranty Bank, a man came running up to them.

"Seconds later he pulled out a gun and started shouting 'keys!'" said one of the women.bayshore-town-center-carjacking4

The sisters did not want to share their identities for safety reasons. They had their five children with them who were still left in the car as the criminal got inside.bayshore-town-center-carjacking3

"He started up the car and had it in gear and he was waving his gun at us," said one of the women. "We had to rip our kids from the car."

Eventually, the man took off in the SUV -- hitting one of the sisters, pushing her to the ground.

"He laughed and he waved as he drove away," said one of the women. "This was funny to him. This was a joke and it almost cost us our lives."bayshore-town-center-carjacking6

They called police and eventually the vehicle was found, but the suspect got away.bayshore-town-center-carjacking2

"It seems like criminals are becoming more and more daring, and more and more bold," said one of the women.

They are grateful to be alive as they now comfort their shaken children.

The sisters are telling their story as a warning so others can be safe.bayshore-town-center-carjacking7

"You're naïve to think it can't happen in a nice area," said one of the women.

The SUV was located near Chambers and Richards Street in Milwaukee. The women suffered minor injuries.

Google Map for coordinates 43.121779 by -87.914063.


  • Opinion8d

    Who would think at 11:30am!?!? Glad not body was serious hurt. I bet those Mom’s won’t be getting over this anytime soon. And yet lawmaker’s (democrats) have the gall to say we need criminal justice reform (going easier on criminals)!

    • Jordan

      Part of the reason crime has become worse is the lack of rehabilitative options available to people. When you are born into poverty and crime, it becomes very difficult to escape. We need to help these people, or the system perpetuates and continuously generates more angry criminals and racial divide.

      I wish our government was able to take that position more. I really think wed see a huge reduction in criminal behavior. When people take pride in their communities and have a real standard of living, everyone is better off–including victims of crime.

      End corporate welfare, invest in social welfare–its called levelling the playing field.

      • Jake

        Jordan, get a grip. If you’re making excuses for these idiots and justifying their actions then you’re part of the problem. Sad.

      • Libsareliars

        Hey Jordan wake up!!! Milwaukee has been run by liberals forever. They have government handouts thrown their way all the time. Tell us how well that has worked?? Social welfare is a failure!!!

      • Opinion8d

        Due to liberal policies the black communities have went backwards since MLK. The only solution is to put the kids in orphanages and break the cycle! Social welfare doesn’t teach people anything except making them more dependent! Corporate welfare at least creates employment opportunities that teach skills and allows one to gain independence. Tell me what skills are being learned when someone can sit around all day?!? You can’t even keep the kids in school -what do they expect to do in life with no education?!?! It’s a cultural thing -not a poverty thing!

  • rocking aunt

    omg! broad daylight! what the bloody hell is wrong with people? Robbing women and kids with a gun? I hope they get caught and sent up for a long time.

  • Fed up

    I hope someones security camera got this. Grand Theft Auto, Child Endangerment, Kidnapping, Assault and battery on a child, child abuse, threat with a deadly weapon, brandishing, probably felon with a gun, operating without a license, etc, etc. Hit this guy HARD

  • Opinion8d

    And that’s why it’s important to carry all the time -not just at night, or ‘going through the bad part of town’, or whatever. Odds are you’ll never need it, but just like a parachute, if you don’t have it when you do need it, you probably wont’ need it ever again…..

  • jenny

    Very sad. The headline should read, Mother with CCW permit mows down felon with precise accuracy, emptying her clip in the process to protect her children.

    • Sam

      The problem with that is, he already had his weapon pointed at the women. Even if one of them was carrying a gun, what could they do at that point? He’s not going to just stand there waiting for one of them to draw their weapon. He could have shot her, her sister and/or their kids before she even had time to grab her gun. They did the right thing by getting their children out of the car and letting him take it. A car isn’t worth getting shot over.

  • Sam

    Is there another article somewhere that specifies that the assailant was black? I didn’t see any mention of skin color in this article. I know that the area where the car was dumped is predominantly black, but that doesn’t stop anyone from another ethnicity from going there.


    You must’ve not read the situation when FOX6 said the ladies didn’t want to show their faces due to safety reasons. Yes, but FOX6 also didn’t mention one of the ladies had their CCW’s on them and didn’t even draw the gun. They should have it taken away because she herself doesn’t know how to even draw a gun. She needs to learn how to use a gun prior to getting her CCW’s. At least they have the kids safely.

    • Hell in a Handbasket

      I read your post 3 times and none of it makes sense. What does the victims description have to do with the lack of the criminal’s description? Maybe the reason (you claim) the CCW permit holder (you claim) did not unholster their weapon was because there were 5 children present and it was too late to engage the criminal. Had they had situational awareness they would have engaged before he got within 15 yards. Plus its a gun free zone so neither should have had weapon and should have just waved to each other and went to a liberal safe space.

  • Jason

    Always be alert and recognize the actions individuals who seem suspicious and act out of place. The fact that this guy ran over to the victims proves you need to have situational awareness that goes beyond your immediate vicinity.

  • EGK

    “I don’t think you could ever be prepared for something like this.”

    Getting a CCW permit and arming yourself would be a start. Practice, practice, practice. For the person who said she wouldn’t have been able to retrieve a firearm before all seven of them (2 adults and 5 kids) got shot has never practiced for DGU scenarios. It’s why people practice for fire drills or AED situations, so that they will be prepared and know what to do in the event of an emergency. Knowing your surroundings/being aware of any suspicious behavior is also key.

  • Libsareliars

    I wish at some point when one of these thugs do this they get their due diligence and get a bullet put between their eyes.

  • Sal

    A good ole liberal hanging for the felons is in order. Broadcast it live so all the social justice warriors loose their minds.

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