Milwaukee County treasurer seeks owners of $1.8M in unclaimed funds: “A great deal of money”

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Treasurer David Cullen is looking to locate the owners of more than $1.8 MILLION in unclaimed funds.

In an effort to identify who is entitled to this unclaimed money, you can access information about the names and amounts on the Milwaukee County Treasurer’s website HERE.

A printed copy of the list of unclaimed funds and forms to file claims to receive the money are available at all Milwaukee Public Library locations at the “Ready Reference” section. These items are also available at the Milwaukee County Treasurer’s Office inside the Milwaukee County Courthouse on N. 9th Street in downtown Milwaukee.

Claim forms must be notarized and submitted to the Milwaukee County Treasurer’s Office with a copy of a valid photo ID.

“We’re making every effort to get the word out to the general public about these funds. Our goal is to return this money to its rightful owners. The $1.8 million in unclaimed funds is a great deal of money, and it belongs to the people who, in these difficult times, could use the money to help make ends meet. We are continuing to explore new ways to reach potential claimants with information about these unclaimed funds, and could use the help of Milwaukee County citizens to find them,” David Cullen, Milwaukee County treasurer said.


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