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Boost Mobile employee accused of stealing from employer, customers whose service was disconnected

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Veronica Sanchez

RACINE COUNTY — An employee at a Racine Boost Mobile store is accused of stealing from her employer and customers.

23-year-old Veronica Sanchez of Racine faces six counts of misdemeanor theft from a business setting.

According to a criminal complaint, on February 4th, police responded to the Boost Mobile store on Lathrop Avenue for a report of a theft. Police were able to determine that Sanchez, an employee at the store, was responsible for the theft.

On January 27th, the complaint indicates two iPhones were sold to a customer but the sale of nearly $450 was never entered into the computer or cash register. Surveillance video showed the customer handing cash to the employee, and the cash was placed in the register. The complaint says the cash register was not balanced at the end of the night, and the money remained unrecovered as of February 4th. The store’s owner told investigators he and Sanchez agreed she would continue to work for him and repay the $450.

On February 11th, the complaint says police were again dispatched to the store after the owner received a call about a customer who had paid their bill at the store, but their cell service had been deactivated a few days later. It was determined Sanchez was the one who took the money from this customer. The owner said he called Sanchez and said he’d be coming to the store to discuss this matter, and when he arrived, Sanchez was gone.

The complaint describes five instances where customers came to the store indicating they’d paid their bill, but their service had been deactivated between February 9th and February 11th. In some cases, the employee said “the printer was broken,” so she couldn’t issue receipts.

It was determined that Sanchez was in charge of the register and safe during these instances.

Sanchez made her initial appearance in court in this case on February 13th. A $400 signature bond was set, and a pre-trial conference was set for March 16th.


  • Tracy Jones

    See this is what happens in for-profit or corporate world, and at least these people will be either made whole or received justice. However if is she had been working in the Progressive non-profit 501c-3 community (here in Milwaukee she may have gotten away clean. Then moved on to another nonprofit 501c job as if nothing happened. It appears that it not be an investigation to determine what happened to the money. I was actually told by someone who can actually ask for an investigation that quote “that’s not how we do things in the Progressive community” unquote. Tens maybe hundred of thousands of dollars come up missing and no one is asking exactly where did the money go? Folks haven’t been paid and money was deducte3d from payroll checks and sent to the vendors it was intended for, but none of that appears to matter in the non-profit 501c3 progressive community. Well at least she got caught and no one appeared to try and cover up this!

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