Day Without Latinos March: Thousands protest Milwaukee County sheriff’s immigration crackdown

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MILWAUKEE -- A huge demonstration stretched across Milwaukee's 6th Street Viaduct and into downtown Milwaukee on Monday, February 13th. It was just part of the "Day Without Latinos." Refugees and immigrants protested against President Donald Trump and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Demonstrators said they fear President Trump and Sheriff Clarke will have officers detain legal and illegal immigrants -- looking for people to deport. Many people said they took the day off from work simply to march.

Day Without Latinos: Hundreds march in Milwaukee “to show the power of the people”

The line of demonstrators stretched from Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood to the Milwaukee County Courthouse during midday Monday. Some flew the American and Mexican flags.

Many, like Alma Barela-Zpichorski, said they were worried about racial profiling in the current political climate.

"I believe we're all going to be detained. We're all going to be questioned. If I'm not doing a crime, there's no reason why I should be. These are basic human rights that I think they're trying to violate," Barela-Zpichorski said.

Day Without Latinos: Hundreds march in Milwaukee “to show the power of the people”

Activitists were bused in from a dozen Wisconsin cities.

With permit in hand and with police officials watching, the march started at 5th and Mineral. Demonstrators walked over the 6th Street Viaduct, stretching from end to end.

"I'm here to support all the immigrants, especially people who don't have a voice -- stand up for them and let them know we're with them," said Andres Reyes from Janesville.

Day Without Latinos: Hundreds march in Milwaukee “to show the power of the people”

The demonstrators said they believe Sheriff Clarke will begin deputizing county officers as federal officers to arrest people who are in the country illegally.

Officials with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said they have not sought that authority, but left the door open to doing so -- with Sheriff Clarke saying he does not think it should be controversial.

One demonstrator had a caricature of Clarke, who did not attend the march, while another addressed him in song.

"Round and round Sheriff Clarke, round and round I say. Round and round, Sheriff Clarke, you ain't got long to stay!" said the demonstrator.

Milwaukee police said they did not make any arrests during the portion of the march on city streets. They did not provide a crowd estimate -- only to say the crowd was in the thousands.

Sheriff Clarke responded to the march in a statement, reading, in part: "The U.S. is a sovereign nation with borders that have to be enforced and protected. According to the U.S. Constitution, the Congress has the authority to set lawful immigration rules -- not a mayor, a governor, a city council or county board. Nobody has a right to come to the U.S. You can, however, make a request to come here through our immigration service. There must be a zero tolerance for allowing people to illegally enter this country and establish permanent residency."


  • Metal Maniac

    Thank you for speaking reason! If you are here legally, congrats you have nothing to worry about. If you want to live here the law says you need to get your citizenship, if you want to work here but return home someday you need a VISA. Not that difficult to understand. Australia is very tough on immigration and they seem to be doing just fine.

  • Nope

    I agree, but the media should make that clear as this city and metro areas is segregated enough. I’m Hispanic (or Latino..just a matter of preference for most people), not Mexican and my family never needed a green card so for me I am not part of the Latino community, just Milwaukee in general. I don’t drive around with a flag in my car, I am an american and know who I am… I never had to work under the table, and if I did I would not protest about not earning overtime especially if I were illegal (someone had that in a banner in an image or video) Since I am an American born citizen who does not identify with Latinos I unable to show sympathy or understand their issues, what’s important to me is my family and having a job that supports them…nothing else matters.

    • thomasammy81

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  • Libsareliars

    My comment about the stock market being up today is a cause for fox6 to put it up for moderation. Wow your news station has reached a new low but what else should one expect from an extreme liberal news organization. Pinheads!!

  • Requesting accountability

    That while I think demonstrations can be successful, what I have been seeing is more like those in power or/now out of power manipulating the masses for their own rewards.

  • RLB

    Story actually says, “activists were bused in from a DOZEN Wisconsin cities” I’m sure the editor missed this, and will soon delete it. As there was no mention of this in the television story. At least they did say no one was arrested…….as FEARED by Barela-Zpichorski. Why come to the U.S. if its so damn bad???

  • Nope

    Latinos are not exclusive to Mexico, let’s get that straight…so the issue really is with Mexican’s or the entirety of Latin America. Before fox6 took it down again “Your comment is awaiting moderation”? For what again???

  • polymorph

    Over 680 illegals arrested today across the country, lol. 75 percent of whom have criminal records. And trumps policy hasn’t even kicked in.

  • Sal

    chicks with hyphenated names really ticks me off. How do you alphabetize them, is it the first or the second part after the hyphen.

  • Jen

    Headline is misleading. There were more immigration crackdowns under Oblumber.
    The sheriff is employed by the county and is often an elected position. He or she acts in role similar to a police chief in a municipal department. Deputies serve under the sheriff in a role similar to that of uniformed police officers. The sheriff usually has jurisdiction over any unincorporated areas of his or her county. Duties of the sheriff might include:
    Investigating complaints
    Emergency response
    Resolving disputes
    Arresting suspects
    Criminal investigation
    Executing warrants
    Help electing great presidents
    Arresting illegal felons



  • Brian

    “The demonstrators said they believe Sheriff Clarke will begin deputizing county officers as federal officers to arrest people who are in the country illegally.” And this is wrong why???

  • JUDY

    If you are here LEGALLY, we welcome you…If you are here ILLEGALLY, you’ve broken our laws and should be arrested (Go get um Sheriff Clarke) or deported!!!!

  • richie

    Only reason they are doing this because a hole lot of them have green cards to be here but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a big butt the social security number they have does not match who they say they are fake

  • Sheila Moyet

    The answer to this issue is simple. If you want to be in this country so bad, become an American citizen. This entire issue is NOT able being an immigrant…it’s about being a LEGAL immigrant. My grandparents came to this country legally and was proud to learn the language and become an American citizen. They honored the
    American flag. If you want to come here and take advantage of our American benefits…become an American. We do so many people think that America has an obligation to give free handouts?

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