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Governor Scott Walker proposes lifetime teaching licenses

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Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON — Teachers in the state would never have to renew their teaching licenses under a plan from Gov. Scott Walker.

In his budget released last week, Walker proposed granting teachers lifetime teaching licenses.

School administrators who’ve pushed for streamlined licensing to address a teacher shortage say they could be onboard, with a caveat. They want to require ongoing training to ensure teachers use the latest techniques in their classrooms.

Walker’s spokesman Tom Evenson says the state would not require training under Walker’s plan but districts could choose to require it.

Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Tony Evers and Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators Executive Director Jon Bales had proposed combining license types and making it easier for out-of-state teachers to get licensed. Bales said their proposal could work with Walker’s.


  • Legalize Freedom in Wisconsin

    “Wisconsin’s doing terribly. It’s in turmoil. The roads are a disaster because they don’t have any money to rebuild them. The schools are a disaster. The hospitals and education was a disaster…”

    -President Donald J. Trump on Scott Walker

    “He’s not doing a great job,” Trump said of Walker “But your governor has convinced you (Wisconsin) doesn’t have problems.”
    -President Donald J. Trump

  • Scott

    This seems like a really dumb idea. What am I missing?
    As a CPA, can I expect never having to renew my license again as well?

  • La Follette

    What teachers? Walker has pretty much finished them off and the rest have fled left the state. We don’t need no dumb teachers in Wisconsin anyways!

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