Gov. Scott Walker talks with Iowa Republicans before union vote

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DES MOINES, IA - MAY 16: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker speaks to guests gathered for the Republican Party of Iowa's Lincoln Dinner at the Iowa Events Center on May 16, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. The event sponsored by the Republican Party of Iowa gave several Republican presidential hopefuls an opportunity to strengthen their support among Iowa Republicans ahead of the 2016 Iowa caucus. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

MADISON — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he spoke with Republicans in neighboring Iowa as they prepared to vote on a bill that would eliminate most collective bargaining rights for public workers there.

Walker’s signature achievement as governor was signing a similar bill into law in Wisconsin six years ago. Walker tweeted on Monday night that he had spoken via Skype with Iowa Republicans and offered encouraging words to them in advance of a vote Tuesday on the proposal.

Walker’s spokesman Tom Evenson says that Walker discussed how Republicans overcame protests to pass Wisconsin’s law, known as Act 10. Evenson says Walker also showed photos from the protests on the call with the Iowa Senate and House Republican caucuses.

Evenson says Iowa Senate Republicans initiated the contact with Walker.

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  • Trump Toadie

    “Wisconsin’s doing terribly. It’s in turmoil. The roads are a disaster because they don’t have any money to rebuild them. The schools are a disaster. The hospitals and education was a disaster…”

    -President Donald J. Trump on Scott Walker

    “He’s not doing a great job,” Trump said of Walker “But your governor has convinced you (Wisconsin) doesn’t have problems.”
    -President Donald J. Trump

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