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“Are ya packed?” Beaten, raped by her boyfriend, woman says MPS principal tried to run her out of town

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee woman said she was assaulted, beaten and raped by her boyfriend. Then, she says another one of his girlfriends tried to convince her not to press charges.

"Meeting this man tore everything up," the woman said.

Jason Cunningham

Jason Cunningham

Shaken and fearful, the woman, the victim of an August rape, told her story Wednesday, February 15th -- miles away from where it happened along Sherman Boulevard. Jason Cunningham, a former boyfriend, is facing two counts of second degree sexual assault, use of force, one count of strangulation and suffocation and one count of battery, filed in September.

"He beat me with a belt for two-and-a-half hours, all over my body when I was freshly out of the shower," the woman said.

According to a criminal complaint, Cunningham got mad about a message from a friend. He grabbed the woman by the neck, beat and raped her.

"The district attorney started crying. His own lawyers said 'I couldn't even recognize you,'" the woman said.

Shortly after the brutal assault, the victim claims a woman posing as Cunningham's sister started visiting her. Court documents show the woman was the "go between" for the victim and Cunningham. She's accused of advising the victim "not to attend court, and to leave town."

Valencia Carthen

Valencia Carthen

"She would come by and is like 'are ya packed? Got everything together?'" the woman said.

It turned out, the weekly visitor wasn't Cunningham's sister -- but his girlfriend. Valencia Carthen, the principal at Milwaukee Public Schools' Washington High School is facing one count of conspiracy to intimidate a victim -- a charge Cunningham is also now facing.

"Being a woman being abused, being in domestic violence, all these things we were talking about, so she was actually holding my hand and stabbing me at the same time. I truly feel like they were trying to take me out. Take my life," the woman said.

The victim said she has been out of town since Thanksgiving.

Cunningham and Carthen are due in court for their preliminary hearings on the intimidate a witness charges on February 21st.

Meanwhile, he has an upcoming jury trial set for March in the sexual assault case.


  • TSmith

    This is sick on all levels!!! And for the principal to be such a driving force in a school and display this behavior. Our kids are in a world of trouble if we keep allowing morally defected people to influence our kids. Can’t even Imagine this ladies pain, fear and hurt. Praying she finds a peace and a calming thru this. Have mercy Lord!!!

    • RJK

      What if she didnt do anything wrong. What if this alledged victim had consensual sex and afterward went to the hospital for wounds to get her a bed and a meal. Then the nurse called the police. And then they put the alleged defendant into jail. While the alledged victim was scared for her life she stayed at the person she said raped her and beat her for 2 hours. It kind of make sense for someone to tell her to pack her bags since she doesnt live there. Also if she was afraid of her 6 children perhaps she should have custody of one of them…..just one would be a little nice. The Principal has a clean record. Guilty before innocent and now she is getting evicted from her place. Sucks to be black and are automatically guilty

    • RJK

      Fire Stephanie as she is misinformed. Think about it. Do you know all the facts? Judge doesn’t know all the facts but you want this respected teacher fired. Hopefully if she is innocent you protest the people that gave you the wrong info and ask for their jobs. Shameful to be guilty before proven innocent

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